This 21-credit non-licensure certificate is designed to increase the professional training of individuals responsible for designing, implementing, and monitoring behavioral treatment programs in schools and agencies, such as psychiatric hospitals.

This graduate certificate may be pursued on a part-time basis only, unless students complete the certificate in conjunction with the Master's in Special Education. With concurrent enrollment in the MEd, this certificate may be pursued on a full-time basis. 


For policies governing all graduate certificates, see AP.6.8 Requirements for Graduate Certificates.

Banner Code: E1-CERG-ABAC

Certificate Requirements

Total credits: 21

This certificate may be pursued on a part-time basis only.


EDSE 619Principles and Procedures of Behavior Analysis3
EDSE 621Applied Behavior Analysis: Empirical Bases3
EDSE 622Philosophical and Conceptual Issues in Behavior Analysis3
EDSE 623Applied Behavior Analysis: Assessments and Interventions3
EDSE 624Applied Behavior Analysis: Applications3
EDSE 625Applied Behavior Analysis: Verbal Behavior3
EDSE 664Ethical and Professional Conduct for Behavior Analysis3
Total Credits21