This certificate offers required coursework for teacher licensure in Early/Primary Education PreK-3. This certificate prepares individuals to work with children, prekindergarten through third grade, and their families.


In addition to the ECED concentration coursework, students must complete specific content area coursework in English, mathematics, science, and the social sciences as well as mandated state/accreditation assessments.

The following courses are prerequisites to admission:

ECED 401Developmental Pathways of Diverse Learners, Birth-Adolescence3
or ECED 501 Developmental Pathways of Diverse Learners, Birth-Adolescence
ECED 402Foundations of Language and Literacy for Diverse Young Learners, Birth-Age 53
or ECED 502 Foundations of Language and Literacy for Diverse Young Learners, Birth-Age 5
ECED 403Inclusive Curriculum for Young Learners: Planning Instruction and Guidance3
or ECED 503 Inclusive Curriculum for Young Learners: Planning Instruction and Guidance
ECED 404Engaging Families of Diverse Learners, Birth – Grade 63
or ECED 504 Engaging Families of Diverse Young Learners


Students who have completed equivalent graduate or undergraduate coursework prior to enrollment may request that some courses in this certificate be waived. Students who are eligible to waive coursework must complete a minimum of 15 credits to graduate. Students must earn a B- or better in all coursework.

For policies governing all graduate certificates, see AP.6.8 Requirements for Graduate Certificates.

Banner Code: E1-CERG-EPK3

Certificate Requirements

Total credits: 24

This certificate may be pursued on a full-or part-time basis.


ECED 511Assessment of Diverse Young Learners3
ECED 512Language and Literacy Assessment and Instruction for Diverse Primary Grade Learners3
ECED 513Integrating Social Studies Across the Content Areas for Diverse Young Learners3
ECED 515Mathematics for Diverse Young Learners3
ECED 516Science for Diverse Young Learners3
ECED 781Seminar in Early Childhood Education3
Select one from the following:6
Internship with Diverse Preschool Children
and Internship in Kindergarten - Third Grade
Internship in Early Childhood Education Prekindergarten-Third Grade
Total Credits24