The Personal Health and Wellness Minor will provide students with a broad foundation in the concepts of health and wellness education to encourage healthy living and lifelong wellness.  Students will apply knowledge to better understand their own health for a positive approach to living.


Eight credits of coursework must be unique to the minor and students must complete all coursework with a minimum GPA of 2.00. For policies governing all minors, see AP.5.3.4 Minors.

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Minor Requirements

Total credits: 18


HEAL 110Personal Health3
HEAL 230Introduction to Health Behavior (Mason Core)3
Total Credits6


Select 9 credits from the following:9
Dimensions of Mental Health
Introduction to School Health
Drugs and Health
Human Sexuality
Women's Health
Men's Health
Relationship Health
Health Communication
Select 3 credits from this list of RECR courses: 13
Cardio Conditioning 2
Fitness Walking
Weight Training/ Body Conditioning 2
Meditation: Introduction
Pilates: Introduction
Pilates: Intermediate
Tai Chi: Introduction
Yoga: Introduction
Yoga: Intermediate
Total Credits12

Student may take alternative RECR course with advisor approval.


Courses that are offered on-campus only.