This 26-credit Graduate Certificate provides teacher candidates with the tools they need to work with students who are blind and visually impaired, including those who have multiple disabilities and diverse learner characteristics. Candidates will gain skills and knowledge to support students in a variety of settings, including general and special education, in core content, and the Expanded Core Curriculum. This concentration is designed for candidates seeking Virginia initial teacher licensure in special education blindness and visual impairments (PK-12).


Students must complete the following coursework, either prior to admission to the certificate or in conjunction with certificate coursework. A grade of B- or higher is required.

EDSE 501Introduction to Special Education3
or EDSE 201 Introduction to Special Education
EDSE 503Language Development and Reading3
or EDSE 341 Language Acquisition and Reading and Writing Development
EDSE 511Characteristics of Students with Blindness and Visual Impairments3
or EDSE 311 Characteristics of Students with Blindness and Visual Impairments
EDSE 532Positive Behavior Supports3
or EDSE 251
EDSE 353
Classroom Management and Positive Behavior Supports
and Individualized Behavior Supports
EDSE 663Collaborative Teamwork to Support Students with Significant Disabilities3
or EDSE 354 Consultation and Collaboration

Students who have completed graduate or undergraduate coursework in a university program prior to admission to the certificate may request that some courses be waived based on the content in prior coursework.  

For policies governing all graduate certificates, see AP.6.8 Requirements for Graduate Certificates.

Banner Code: E1-CERG-BVI

Formerly (E1-CERG-VILI)

Certificate Requirements

Total credits: 26

This certificate may be pursued on a full-or part-time basis.

Students enrolled in this certificate must earn a B- or higher in all coursework.


EDAT 522Assistive Technology for Individuals with Sensory Impairments3
EDSE 512Braille Code3
EDSE 513Medical and Educational Implications of Blindness and Visual Impairments3
EDSE 514Orientation and Mobility for Students with Blindness and Visual Impairments2
EDSE 518Curriculum and Assessment of Students with Blindness and Visual Impairments3
EDSE 613Teaching Methods for Students with Blindness and Visual Impairments3
EDSE 616Braille Reading and Writing3
EDSE 785Internship: Blindness and Visual Impairments (must complete six credits)2-6
Total Credits26