This bachelor's degree provides teacher candidates with the specialized knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to meet the educational needs of students in grades PreK-6. The robust, well-rounded program of study includes general and content-specific methods courses designed to prepare reflective teachers who are responsive to students’ diverse needs and ready to advance the 21st Century classroom. A strong partnership with local PK-6 schools ensures that teacher candidates are immersed in classroom settings with elementary students throughout their teacher preparation program. Graduates recognize and adapt to students’ needs, interests and readiness levels through innovative, research-based pedagogical practices.


Students interested in majoring in Elementary Education are initially enrolled as BPRE, or Pre-Elementary Education. They must meet certain requirements and successfully complete the appropriate application form to be admitted to the BSEd in Elementary Education. 

The requirements for admission to the BSEd in Elementary Education from BPRE status are:

  • 2.50 overall GPA
  • Within 9 credits of completing the Mason Core requirements
  • Complete a Content Area Coursework review


Students in the BSEd in Elementary Education must maintain at least a 2.50 GPA and earn a C or better in their coursework. Prior to applying for internship, students must successfully complete:

  • Emergency First Aid, CPR and AED certification or training
  • Virginia Communication & Literacy Assessment (VCLA)
  • Praxis Teaching Reading: Elementary
  • Praxis Subject Assessment for Elementary Education
  • Completion of Content Area Coursework

Licensure testing requirements are determined by the Commonwealth of Virginia and may change at any time. If changes to these requirements occur, students must meet the current testing and licensure requirements as set forth in the legal Code of Virginia.

Termination from Program Policy:

Termination from the major may be imposed as a result of excessive repeating of required courses without achieving the minimum standard, and for other evidence of continued failure to make adequate progress toward completion of the major, including failure to maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA and failure to exhibit professional dispositions.

A grade of C or higher is required in each of the Elementary Education major courses (see Requirements section in this catalog for list of 17 required major courses). Students will not be permitted to make more than three graded attempts to achieve a C or higher in each course. Once a student has attempted a major course twice unsuccessfully, they must meet with an academic advisor in order to develop a success plan and receive an override to register for the third attempt. Those who do not successfully complete a major course within three attempts will be terminated from the major.  

Students have the right to appeal termination from major by following the CEHD academic appeal process.

Banner Code: E1-BSED-ELED

Degree Requirements

Total credits: 120

Mason Core

Foundation Requirements:
Written Communication3
Composition (Mason Core) (recommended course)
Oral Communication3
Quantitative Reasoning3
Mathematics for the Elementary School Teachers II (Mason Core) (recommended course)
Information Technology and Computing3
Integrating Technology in PreK-6 (Mason Core) (recommended course)
Exploration Requirements:
Introduction to the Visual Arts (Mason Core) (recommended course)
Global Understanding3
Major World Regions (Mason Core) (recommended course)
Children's Literature for Teaching in Diverse Settings (Mason Core) (recommended course)
Natural Science7-8
Two lab sciences in different disciplines (recommended)
Social and Behavioral Sciences3
Introduction to Education: Teaching, Learning and Schools (Mason Core) (recommended course)
Global History3
Integration Requirement:
Written Communication3
Advanced Composition (Mason Core) (recommended course)
Total Credits37-38

Major Requirements

ELED 242Foundations of Elementary Education3
ELED 305Foundations of Elementary Methods and Management3
ELED 390Clinical Experience: Theory to Practice Integration, Part 12
ELED 391Clinical Experience: Theory to Practice Integration, Part 21
ELED 401Classroom Management and Instructional Strategies for Diverse Learners3
ELED 402Differentiating Elementary Methods and Management3
ELED 410Emergent and Early Literacy3
ELED 411Reading Development, Processes, Assessment, and Pedagogy3
ELED 412Writing Development, Processes and Pedagogy 3
ELED 421STEM in the Elementary Classroom3
ELED 443Children, Family, Culture, and Schools, 4-12 Year Olds3
ELED 452Mathematics Methods for the Elementary Classroom3
ELED 453Science Methods for the Elementary Classroom3
ELED 454Methods of Teaching Social Studies and Integrating Fine Arts in the Elementary Classroom3
ELED 459Researching Problems of Practice in Elementary Education3
ELED 480Practicum in Elementary Education3
ELED 490Internship in Elementary Education (Mason Core)9
EDUC 301Educating Diverse and Exceptional Learners3
Elementary Ed Program Elective (choose one course):3
Engaging Families of Diverse Learners, Birth – Grade 6
Methods for Teaching PK-6 English Learners in Inclusive Classrooms
Collaboration in PK-6 Inclusive School Settings
Characteristics of Students with Disabilities who Access the General Curriculum
Individualized Behavior Supports
Health and Physical Activity for Classroom Teachers
Total Credits60


Select 22-23 credits of electives22-23
Total Credits22-23

Bachelor of Science in Education, Elementary Education Sample Plan of Study

The sample plan below is a recommended sequencing of courses based on pre-requisites and scheduling. This may not fit every student's needs and is a guideline, not a requirement. Students should confirm major requirements with their academic advisor and with PatriotWeb Degree Evaluation to ensure they enroll in the proper courses and are on track to graduate.

First Year
Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
ENGH 1013Oral Communication (COMM 100 or 101)3
Natural Science with Lab4ELED 2573
EDUC 2003ELED 2583
Elective (UNIV 100 recommended)1Elective (GOVT 103 recommended)3
Western Civilization (HIST 100 or 125)3Elective (MATH 271 recommended)3
 14 15
Second Year
Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
Natural Science with Lab (choose different discipline)4ENGH 3023
ARTH 1013GGS 1013
ELED 2423EDUC 3013
MATH 2723Elective 3
Elective (HIST 121 or HIST 122 recommended)3Elective3
 16 15
Third Year
Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
ELED 3053ELED 3911
ELED 3902ELED 4013
ELED 4433ELED 4113
ELED 4543ELED 4523
ELED 4103ELED 4533
 14 13
Fourth Year
Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
ELED 4023ELED 4593
ELED 4123ELED 4909
ELED 4213Elective3
ELED 4803 
 15 15
Total Credits 117

Detailed four year plans and degree planning checklists can be found at