The courses included in this minor emphasize the behavioral consequences of both normal and abnormal neuronal and physiological processes. These in-depth courses will broaden the students' knowledge in understanding brain and behavior, specifically, but not exclusively, the cognitive aspects.


Eight credits of coursework must be unique to the minor and students must complete all coursework with a minimum GPA of 2.80. For policies governing all minors, see AP.5.3.4 Minors.

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Minor Requirements 

Total credits: 20

Students should be aware of the specific policies associated with this program, located on the Admissions & Policies tab.

Required Courses

PSYC 373Physiological Psychology Laboratory1
PSYC 304Principles of Learning4
PSYC 375Brain and Sensory Processes3
PSYC 376Brain and Behavior3
Total Credits11


Select a minimum of 9 credits from the following: 19
Sensation, Perception, and Information Processing
Independent Study in Psychology 2
Biological Bases of Alzheimer's Disease
Current Topics in Brain and Behavior 3
Special Topics 4
Cellular, Neurophysiological, and Pharmacological Neuroscience
Molecular, Developmental, and Systems Neuroscience
Other course as approved by the undergraduate associate chair
Total Credits9

Students who are accepted into and successfully complete the Psychology Department Honors Program (PSYC 490 Psychology Honors I, PSYC 491 Psychology Honors II, and PSYC 492 RS: Psychology Honors III) with an honors thesis/project focused on cognitive and behavioral neuroscience may apply this coursework to the minor.


With permission of CBN faculty member.


When approved by the undergraduate associate chair and topic is Neuronal Bases of Learning and Memory, Drugs and the Brain, or Brain in Books and Film.


When approved by the undergraduate associate chair and topic is Music and the Brain, Neuronal Aspects of Cognitive Development, Animal Cognition, or Psychology of Stress and Health.