The Russian and Eurasian Studies program brings together experienced Mason faculty who will guide your exploration of this region's culture, gender, class, ethnicity, economy, government, and politics. All majors have the opportunity to study abroad in Moscow or St. Petersburg. They acquire the language skills needed to function successfully in social settings and a variety of careers.

The bachelor of arts degree in Russian and Eurasian studies allows students to choose a concentration in one of three areas:

  • Russian language and culture
  • Russia studies
  • Eurasia studies

Program Faculty


Mark N Katz
Mills Kelly
Karina Korostelina

Emeritus Professors

Julie A Christensen
Rex A. Wade

Associate Professors

Steve Barnes
Johanna Bockman
James S. Levine
Eric McGlinchey

Term Instructor

Elena Guglielmi

Program Courses

As an interdisciplinary program, Russian and Eurasian Studies draws on many courses from across the university. Students should consult with the director to determine whether a particular course may be used to fulfill a requirement or elective in the degree program.