The minor is designed for students who wish to widen their scope of knowledge about music, while deepening their understanding of the world's peoples. Students learn in the classroom, as well as experientially, in the form of applied studies and exercises in field work, how music-making functions within cultural contexts, conveying varied meanings in bodily action and musical sound worldwide. Students gain skills that will serve them in many fields of endeavor, from developing specific musical expertise to acquiring proficiency with technological and anthropological aspects of ethnographic inquiry.


Students must first demonstrate to the Ethnomusicology coordinator a basic level of knowledge and training in some area of Western or non-Western music, or earn a grade of B or higher in MUSI 103 Musics of the World (Mason Core) or MUSI 431 Music History in Society III (Mason Core)


Eight credits of coursework must be unique to the minor with a minimum 2.00 GPA earned in all courses applied to the minor. For policies governing all minors, see AP.5.3.4 Minors.

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Minor Requirements

Total credits: 18


MUSI 103Musics of the World (Mason Core)3
or MUSI 431 Music History in Society III (Mason Core)
MUSI 303Topics in Ethnomusicology3
Two credits of2
Ethnomusicology Internship 1
ANTH 114Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Mason Core)3
Select 1 credit from the following:1
Applied Music Options (course list follows)
Music Ensemble Options (course list follows)
Total Credits12

Subject to approval from the Ethnomusicology minor coordinator.


Electives are subject to approval from the Ethnomusicology minor coordinator and should be selected from the following list. Additional electives may include summer travel courses, as appropriate, and must be approved by the minor coordinator.

Select 6 credits from the following:6
Popular Music in America (Mason Core)
Jazz and Blues in America (Mason Core)
Jazz Improvisation
Chamber Ensembles (Mason Core)
Applied Music Options (course list follows)
Introduction to African American Studies (Mason Core)
Special Topics in African and African American Studies
Peoples and Cultures of Latin America (Mason Core)
Peoples and Cultures of India (Mason Core)
COMM 157
Foundations of Intercultural Communication (Mason Core)
Global Dance Perspectives I (Mason Core)
Dance in Popular Culture (Mason Core)
Folklore and Folklife (Mason Core)
Total Credits6

Applied Music Options 

See Music advisor for registration permission and options.
MUSI 220Applied Music in Music Technology1
MUSI 221Applied Music I1
MUSI 222Applied Music in Keyboard1
MUSI 223Applied Music in Voice1
MUSI 224Applied Music in Woodwind1
MUSI 225Applied Music in Brass1
MUSI 226Applied Music in String1
MUSI 227Applied Music in Percussion1
MUSI 228Applied Music in Composition1
MUSI 240Applied Music in Music Technology2
MUSI 242Applied Music in Keyboard2
MUSI 243Applied Music in Voice2
MUSI 244Applied Music in Woodwind2
MUSI 245Applied Music in Brass2
MUSI 246Applied Music in String2
MUSI 247Applied Music in Percussion2
MUSI 248Applied Music in Composition2
MUSI 440Applied Music in Music Technology3
MUSI 442Applied Music in Keyboard2-3
MUSI 443Applied Music in Voice2-3
MUSI 444Applied Music in Woodwind2-3
MUSI 445Applied Music in Brass2-3
MUSI 446Applied Music in String2-3
MUSI 447Applied Music in Percussion2-3
MUSI 448Applied Music in Composition2-3

Music Ensemble Options

MUSI 380Wind Symphony (Mason Core)1
MUSI 381University Chorale (Mason Core)1
MUSI 382Piano Ensemble (Mason Core)1
MUSI 383Symphonic Band (Mason Core)1
MUSI 385Chamber Singers (Mason Core)1
MUSI 387Symphony Orchestra (Mason Core)1
MUSI 389Jazz Ensemble (Mason Core)1
MUSI 485Chamber Ensembles (Mason Core)1
MUSI 280Athletic and Ceremonial Ensemble (Mason Core) For Music Technology Students only1