This minor is open to music and non-music majors who wish to explore America's unique art form. It is open to all instrumentalists and vocalists, including students who perform on instruments not typically associated with jazz.


No prior experience in jazz is needed, but candidates must pass a music audition. 


Students in the keyboard area use the Keyboard Skills I credit as a music elective.

University policy states that students must earn 8 distinct credits that are not used for their major toward their degree, with a minimum 2.00 GPA earned in all courses applied to the minor. For policies governing all minors, see AP.5.3.4 Minors.

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Minor Requirements

Total credits: 21


Select 2 credits of Applied Music Options (course list follows)2
MUSI 107Jazz and Blues in America (Mason Core)3
MUSI 113Aural Skills I1
MUSI 115Introduction to Music Theory 3
MUSI 171Keyboard Skills I1
MUSI 215Theory for Pop and Jazz Music3
MUSI 274Jazz/Commercial Piano1
Two semesters of
Recital Attendance (two semesters) 1
MUSI 311Jazz Studies3
Three credits of3
Chamber Ensembles (Mason Core) (Jazz Chamber Ensembles)
MUSI 379Introduction to Jazz Improvisation1
Total Credits21

All students who enroll as music minors and jazz studies minors must take MUSI 300 Recital Attendance for two semesters. A grade of S (satisfactory) must be earned each semester.

 Applied Music Options 

See Music advisor for registration permission and options.
MUSI 220Applied Music in Music Technology1
MUSI 221Applied Music I1
MUSI 222Applied Music in Keyboard1
MUSI 223Applied Music in Voice1
MUSI 224Applied Music in Woodwind1
MUSI 225Applied Music in Brass1
MUSI 226Applied Music in String1
MUSI 227Applied Music in Percussion1
MUSI 228Applied Music in Composition1
MUSI 240Applied Music in Music Technology2
MUSI 242Applied Music in Keyboard2
MUSI 243Applied Music in Voice2
MUSI 244Applied Music in Woodwind2
MUSI 245Applied Music in Brass2
MUSI 246Applied Music in String2
MUSI 247Applied Music in Percussion2
MUSI 248Applied Music in Composition2
MUSI 440Applied Music in Music Technology3
MUSI 442Applied Music in Keyboard2-3
MUSI 443Applied Music in Voice2-3
MUSI 444Applied Music in Woodwind2-3
MUSI 445Applied Music in Brass2-3
MUSI 446Applied Music in String2-3
MUSI 447Applied Music in Percussion2-3
MUSI 448Applied Music in Composition2-3