Green LeafThe B.S. in Tourism and Events Management degree prepares students to become future managers and leaders in one of the world's largest and most diverse industries: tourism, events and hospitality. Our Tourism and Events Management (TEM) major focuses on the management, planning, implementation, marketing, and evaluation of tourism, events, and hospitality businesses. Courses in Tourism and Events Management are designed to provide a variety of management competencies and fieldwork experiences, which lay the foundation for a successful career in the wide and dynamic world of tourism, events, and hospitality. 

This is a Green Leaf Program.


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Degree Requirements

Total credits: 120

This is a Green Leaf program.

Mason Core

Written Communication6
Oral Communication3
Information Technology3
Quantitative Reasoning:
STAT 250Introductory Statistics I (Mason Core)3
or EDRS 220 Introduction to Applied Quantitative Analysis (Mason Core)
Western Civilization/World History3
Social and Behavioral Sciences3
Women and Tourism (Mason Core) (recommended course) 1
Global Understanding3
Global Understanding through Travel and Tourism (Mason Core) (recommended course) 1
Natural Science7
Synthesis/Capstone 2
Total Credits37

Professional Sequence

TOUR 110Professionalism and Civility1
TOUR 200Introduction to Tourism Management3
TOUR 214Hospitality Tourism and Events Management Accounting3
TOUR 220Introduction to Event Management3
TOUR 230Introduction to Hospitality Management3
TOUR 241Hospitality, Tourism, and Events Management Practicum3
TOUR 320Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management Information Systems3
TOUR 330Resort Management3
TOUR 340Sustainable Tourism3
TOUR 412Hospitality, Tourism, and Events Management Marketing and Sales3
TOUR 414Hospitality, Tourism, and Events Management Finance3
TOUR 420Tourism Planning/Policy3
TOUR 470Career Preparation1
TOUR 490Hospitality, Tourism, and Events Management Internship (Mason Core)12
SRST 450Research Methods (Satisfies the university Writing Intensive requirement)3
PRLS 410Administration of SRT Organizations I3
PRLS 460Sport and Recreation Law3
Total Credits56

TEM Electives

Select 6 courses from:18
Wedding Planning
Global Understanding through Travel and Tourism (Mason Core) 1
Event Implementation and Evaluation
Hotel Management
Food and Beverage Management
Women and Tourism (Mason Core) 1
Event Technical Production
Cruise Ship Management
Film and Medical Tourism
Sacred Spaces and Dark Tourism
Wine and Food Tourism
Heritage and Cultural Tourism
Event Logistics
Cultural and Environmental Interpretation
Tourism Economics
Destination Marketing and Management
Meetings and Conventions
Restaurant Management
Hospitality Human Resources Management
Hospitality Facilities Operations
Special Topics
Total Credits18

General Electives

Select an additional 9 credits.9
Total Credits9

Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Events Management Sample Plan of Study

The sample plan below is a recommended sequencing of courses based on pre-requisites and scheduling. This may not fit every student's needs and is a guideline, not a requirement. Students should confirm major requirements with their academic advisor and with PatriotWeb Degree Evaluation to ensure they enroll in the proper courses and are on track to graduate.

To be supplemented by Mason Core and Electives.

First Year
Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
TOUR 1101TOUR 2303
TOUR 2003TEM Elective #13
TOUR 2203 
 7 6
Second Year
Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
TOUR 2143TOUR 2413
TEM Elective #23TOUR 3403
TEM Elective #33General Elective #13
 9 9
Third Year
Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
TOUR 3203TEM Elective #43
STAT 250 or EDRS 2203TEM Elective #53
TOUR 3303TOUR 4143
TOUR 4203PRLS 4103
General Elective #23SRST 4503
 15 15
Fourth Year
Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
TOUR 4701TOUR 49012
TOUR 4123 
PRLS 4603 
TEM Elective #63 
General Elective #33 
 13 12
Total Credits 86

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