The BS in Recreation Management prepares graduates to direct and supervise recreation departments, programs, and resources. Three concentrations are offered: one in Parks and Outdoor Recreation, one in Therapeutic Recreation, and an Individualized Program.

Parks and Outdoor Recreation graduates plan and implement recreation programs locally and nationally, lead outdoor activities, and manage the uses of natural and cultural resources. Therapeutic Recreation graduates implement interventions and rehabilitation activities to enhance the quality of life for individuals including those with disabilities. Students in the Individualized concentration tailor their coursework with an advisor to develop a targeted and personalized set of skills.


For policies governing all undergraduate degrees, see AP.5 Undergraduate Policies. Students should also review Mason Core requirements.

Internship Application

The internship is a 12 credit capstone course taken at the end of a student's academic program. Students must have earned 90 credit hours and met the specific prerequisites to be eligible for the internship (see RMGT 490 Recreation Management Internship (Mason Core)). The internship is designed to be a capstone experience for each student in their specific concentration area.

The internship process begins with a mandatory meeting hosted by the internship coordinator. During the preliminary phase, students will develop learning goals and consult with faculty on viable internship sites. Once the internship site has been selected, the student must complete 400 hours of an applied experience in both Parks and Outdoor Recreation and the Individualized Concentration. Therapeutic Recreation requires a 560-hour, fourteen consecutive week field placement experience in therapeutic recreation services under the supervision of a certified therapeutic recreation therapist (CTRS).

Throughout the internship, the student will be monitored by a site supervisor (CTRS for therapeutic recreation), as well as a university supervisor, to facilitate a meaningful experience.

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Program Requirements

Total credits: 120

Note: The Recreation Management program is accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Related Professions.

Mason Core

Written Communication6
Oral Communication3
Information Technology3
Quantitative Reasoning:3
Introduction to Applied Quantitative Analysis (Mason Core)
Introductory Statistics I (Mason Core)
Global History3
Social and Behavioral Sciences 13
Global Understanding3
Natural Science 27
Synthesis/Capstone 3
Total Credits37

Recreation Management Core

RMGT 210Introduction to Recreation and Leisure3
RMGT 241Practicum3
RMGT 310Program Planning and Evaluation3
RMGT 316Leadership and Outdoor Education3
RMGT 317Social Psychology of Play and Recreation3
RMGT 323Program Leadership and Evaluation3
RMGT 327Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation3
RMGT 405Planning and Operation of Recreation Facilities3
RMGT 410Administration of SRT Organizations I3
SPMT 412Sport Marketing and Sales3
or TOUR 412 Hospitality, Tourism, and Events Management Marketing and Sales
RMGT 460Sport and Recreation Law3
RMGT 490Recreation Management Internship (Mason Core)12
SRST 200History of Sport and Leisure in America3
SRST 450Research Methods (Satisfies the University Writing Intensive requirement)3
Total Credits51


Select an additional 14 credits14
Total Credits14

Concentration in Parks and Outdoor Recreation (POR)

This concentration explores the contribution of recreation and parks to public well-being and quality of life. The curriculum includes courses in natural resources management, outdoor recreation programming, and environmental education. Graduates of this career ready program are employed in national, state, and local recreation and park agencies, non-profit organizations, and private and commercial operations. Students complete both a supervised practicum and internship in professional settings.

RMGT 300People With Nature3
RMGT 302Park Management and Operations3
TOUR 340Sustainable Tourism3
RMGT 362Cultural and Environmental Interpretation3
RMGT 402Human Behavior in Natural Environments3
RMGT 501Introduction to Natural Resources Law3
Total Credits18

Concentration in Therapeutic Recreation (TR)

This concentration teaches a holistic approach to the treatment for people with disabilities across the lifespan. Completion of the therapeutic recreation (TR) foundation, issues, processes, programming and assessment courses to name a few, as well as an internship supervised by a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS), prepares graduating seniors to sit for the national exam sponsored by the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification to become a CTRS. Graduates find employment in clinical and community settings, senior and adult health care, non-profit organizations, and schools.

RMGT 416Trends and Programming Assessment in Therapeutic Recreation3
RMGT 417Processes, Techniques and Supervision in Therapeutic Recreation3
RMGT 418Assessment in Therapeutic Recreation3
RMGT 503Administration and Disability Rights in Therapeutic Recreation3
PSYC 211Lifespan Development (Mason Core)3
PSYC 325Psychopathology3
Total Credits18

Individualized Concentration  (IND)

This concentration allows for students, in consultation with an advisor, to develop a program that facilitates their special expertise in selected complementary areas of foci including concurrent completion of a minor (e.g., entrepreneurship; aging studies; environmental science; non-profit studies; sport management; tourism and events management; health promotion; kinesiology; sport and computer game design). These students will complete coursework that addresses their own passion and goals while meeting educational needs to prepare for graduate school or professional pursuits. In turn, they will be addressing the needs of a broader community. The Recreation Management program is accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Related Professions.

Select courses in concert with Advisor18
Total Credits18