Admission to the M.S.T. program is competitive and is based upon the following criteria:

  • Applicants must have at a minimum, a U.S. equivalent bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university and

  • Must either have a bachelor’s with an accounting major or have completed at least 6 credits in Principles of Accounting, 6 credits of Intermediate Financial Accounting, 3 credits of Managerial/ Cost Accounting, 3 credits of Audit, 3 credits of Tax, and 3 credits of Accounting Analytics

For those who have not completed an accounting major, George Mason University recommends completion of the following courses at NVCC (or the equivalent at another university, including here at George Mason University) to satisfy the course requirements needed to be eligible for admission to the M.S. in Taxation:

ACC 211: Principles of Accounting I (3 credits)

ACC 212: Principles of Accounting II (3 credits)

ACC 221: Intermediate Accounting I (3-4 credits)

ACC 222: Intermediate Accounting II (3-4 credits)

ACC 231: Cost Accounting I (3-4 credits)

ACC 241: Auditing I (3 credits)

ACC 261: Principles of Federal Taxation I (3 credits)

ACC 263: Data Analytics and Statistics in Accounting (3 credits)

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Degree Requirements

Total credits: 30

The M.S.T. program requires a minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate course work, including 18 hours from the required “core” M.S.T. courses and 12 hours of elective tax courses.

Required Courses

Each candidate must complete the following core courses unless, in the opinion of the program director, the candidate has had previous comparable graduate-level course work that would justify substitution of other graduate courses.

ACCT 700Federal Income Taxation3
ACCT 702Tax Practice, Procedure, and Research1.5
ACCT 703Corporate Taxation3
ACCT 704Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions1.5
ACCT 705Affiliated Corporations1.5
ACCT 706Partnership Taxation3
ACCT 707Accounting Methods and Periods1.5
ACCT 793Management of Professional Service Organizations3
Total Credits18


Select 9 credits from the following:9
Taxes, Insurance, and Risk Management
Estate Planning
Advanced Issues in Taxation
Taxes and Business Strategy
International Taxation
Special Topics in Taxation
State and Local Taxation
Pensions and Deferred Compensations
Tax Analytics
Select 3 credits from any 700-level or higher graduate course. (Must be approved by the program director.)3
Total Credits12