With the growth in the online economy and the increasing use of data by traditional companies, the demand for business analysts, data analysts, and information systems professionals is dramatically expanding. The MIS minor offers students a focused set of courses that provide foundational knowledge and skills in management information systems. The focus is on using information systems to create solutions to business problems. The minor is intended for students who could benefit from a deeper understanding of MIS as it relates to their major or concentration. Being able to apply information systems solutions in their chosen career will make students more marketable/attractive to employers in an increasingly digital economy. The MIS minor offers a useful and attractive option for both business and non-business students. The minor is not intended for Information Technology majors, Computer Science majors, or Management Information Systems concentration students in the School of Business.


At least eight credits must be unique to the minor and not applied toward any other major, minor, or concentration. Students must achieve a grade of C or better in each course that is applied toward the minor.

For policies governing all minors, see AP.5.3.4 Minors. The School of Business residency requirement for this minor supersedes the university requirement: at least nine credits must be earned at Mason.

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Minor Requirements

Total credits: 15

Required Courses

MIS 303Introduction to Business Information Systems (Mason Core)3
MIS 310Database Management Systems3
or IT 214 Database Fundamentals
MIS 320Networks and Security3
MIS 330Systems Analysis and Design3
Total Credits12


Select one course from the following:3
CS 112Introduction to Computer Programming (Mason Core)
IT 106Introduction to IT Problem Solving Using Computer Programming
IT 109Introduction to Computer Programming
IT 322Health Data Challenges
IT 324Health Information Technology Fundamentals
MIS 341Cloud Computing Essentials
MIS 350Introduction to Programming for Business Applications
MIS 410Advanced Database Systems
MIS 412E-Business Systems Development
MIS 415Information Systems Audit and Control
MIS 420Information Security and Assurance
MIS 430Data Warehousing
MIS 431Data Mining for Business Applications
MIS 433Programming for Analytics
MIS 441Cloud System Management
MIS 491Seminar in Management Information Systems
Total Credits3