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Degree Requirements

Total credits: 120

Mason Core

Foundation Requirements
ENGH 101Composition (Mason Core) 13
ENGH 302Advanced Composition (Mason Core) 13
Oral Communication3
Quantitative Reasoning3
Information Technology 23
Core Requirements
Arts 33
Natural Science 47
Global History3
Global Understanding 53
Social and Behavioral Sciences3
Total Credits37

Nonnative speakers of English with limited proficiency in the language may substitute ENGH 100 for ENGH 101. Students must attain a minimum grade of C in ENGH 100 or ENGH 101, as well as in ENGH 302, to fulfill degree requirements.


All students must take either AVT 180 or AVT 110 for this requirement.


AVT majors may not choose AVT courses to meet this requirement, and they may not double-count ARTH courses toward both the AVT major and the Mason Core arts requirement.


Including at least one laboratory science.


AVT majors may not double-count ARTH courses toward both AVT major requirements and the Mason Core global understanding requirement.

AVT Major Requirements

Studio Foundation
AVT 104Two-Dimensional Design and Color (Mason Core)3
AVT 105Three-Dimensional Design and Beyond (Mason Core)3
AVT 110Digital Design Studio (Mason Core)3
or AVT 180 New Media in the Creative Arts (Mason Core)
AVT 222Drawing I (Mason Core)3
Foundation Electives
Select three courses from the following:9
Typography (Mason Core)
Introduction to Web Design
Painting I (Mason Core)
Printmaking I (Mason Core)
Darkroom Photography I (Mason Core)
Digital Photography I (Mason Core)
Sculpture I (Mason Core)
Interdisciplinary Arts (Mason Core)
Introduction to New Media Arts
Special Topics
Other courses as approved by director
Art History
Select any ARTH 200, 300 or 400 level class3
ARTH 374Art Now3
Critical Analysis & Contemporary Practice
AVT 307Aesthetics3
AVT 395Writing for Artists3
or AVT 396 Writing for Designers
Studio Core & Research Practicum
AVT 101New Majors Colloquium3
AVT 202Sophomore Core3
AVT 303Junior Core3
AVT 385EcoArt (Mason Core)3
or AVT 453 Professional Practices (Mason Core)
Total Credits45

Concentration in Interdisciplinary Arts (INTA)

Note: This concentration is required for the completion of this degree program.

Select 12 credits from 300-400 level AVT courses12
Total Credits12

General Electives

BA students must use some/all general electives to complete a26
Double Major
Double Degree 1
Intermediate-level proficiency in one foreign language
Remaining electives 2
Total Credits26

Must be outside student's primary major field of study.


May be taken inside or outside of the department. All students are required to take a minimum of 45 credits of upper-division courses (300 and 400 level); most students will require at least 13 elective credits at the 300 level or above. AVT 393 and AVT 489 are not required courses but are highly recommended as electives for BA students.

Bachelor of Arts in Art and Visual Technology Sample Plan of Study

The sample plan below is a recommended sequencing of courses based on pre-requisites and scheduling. This may not fit every student's needs and is a guideline, not a requirement. Students should confirm major requirements with their academic advisor and with PatriotWeb Degree Evaluation to ensure they enroll in the proper courses and are on track to graduate.

Interdisciplinary Arts

First Year
Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
AVT 1013Mason Core Quantitative Reasoning3
AVT 2223Mason Core Literature3
AVT 1043AVT 1053
AVT 110 or 1803Foundation Elective3
ENGH 1013Foundation Elective3
 15 15
Second Year
Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
AVT 2023ENGH 3023
Foundation Elective3AVT 3073
Mason Core Natural Science Non-Lab3Mason Core Natural Science with Lab4
AVT 3xx/4xx Studio3AVT 3xx/4xx Studio3
ARTH 2xx / 3xx / 4xx3Minor or Foreign Language3
 15 16
Third Year
Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
AVT 3033Mason Core Oral Communication3
AVT 395 or 3963AVT 3xx/4xx Studio3
ARTH 3743Minor or Foreign Language3
AVT 3xx/4xx Studio3Minor or Foreign Language3
Minor or Foreign Language3Minor or Foreign Language3
 15 15
Fourth Year
Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
Mason Core Social & Behavioral Science3AVT 4533
Mason Core Western Civ/World History3General Elective3
Minor or Foreign Language3Minor or Foreign Language3
General Elective2Mason Core Global Understanding3
General Elective3Mason Core Arts3
 14 15
Total Credits 120

Detailed four year plans and degree planning checklists can be found at

Art and Visual Technology, BA/Arts Management, Accelerated MA


Academically strong undergraduates in Art may apply to the accelerated Master’s Degree in Arts Management.  If accepted, students will be able to earn an Art and Visual Technology, BA and an Arts Management, MA after satisfactory completion of 150 credits. 

For more detailed information, see AP.6.7 Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's Degrees. For policies governing all graduate degrees, see AP.6 Graduate Policies.  

BAM Pathway Admissions Requirements

Applicants to all graduate programs at George Mason University must meet the admission standards and application requirements for graduate study as specified in the Graduate Admission Policies section of this catalog. 

Students are eligible to apply for this accelerated program once they have earned at least 60 undergraduate credits. After successfully completing 75 undergraduate credits, students must use at least 3 and no more than 12 credits of advanced standing courses (see below) to both complete the bachelor’s degree and begin the master's. An additional six credits may be held in reserve for the master’s degree, but cannot be used to complete the bachelor's. 

Important information on how to apply for this accelerated master's program can be found in the University’s Accelerated Master’s Application Guide.  

Accelerated Master's Admission Requirements

Undergraduate students admitted to the accelerated master’s program pathway will be fully admitted into the MA program if they meet the following requirements, as verified on the Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's Transition Form

  • Minimum overall GPA of 3.00 
  • Completion of specific undergraduate coursework 
  • Successfully meet Mason’s requirements for undergraduate degree conferral (graduation) and complete the application for graduation
  • Minimum grade of B in each advanced standing course
  • Submission of BAM Transition Form to the School of Art advisor at the beginning of the student’s final undergraduate semester . Full details can be found at AP.6.7.3 

Accelerated Pathway Requirements

To maintain the integrity and quality of both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs, undergraduate students in the Accelerated Pathway must choose from the following Advanced Standing courses, which can be taken as Advanced Standing or Reserve Graduate credit courses. Reserve Graduate credit course options cannot be taken as Advanced Standing. A minimum grade of B is required.

Advanced Standing courses (up to 12 credits with a minimum grade of B in each)
AMGT 601Fund Raising/Development I3
AMGT 602Seminar in Arts Management3
AMGT 604Public Relations and Marketing Strategies for the Arts I3
AMGT 605Finance and Budgeting for Arts I3
Reserve Graduate Credit courses (up to 6 credits) taken while an undergraduate will only count for the graduate degree program
AMGT 603The Arts in Society 13
AMGT 606Governance and Financial Management 23

Prerequisite: AMGT 602 Seminar in Arts Management


Prerequisite: AMGT 605 Finance and Budgeting for Arts I

For more detailed information on coursework and timeline requirements, see AP.6.7 Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's Degrees.