This graduate certificate allows students to examine the complex issues involved in understanding the Middle East and the broader Islamic world from a variety of perspectives. Students study both contemporary and historical developments in these regions; they take core courses in various disciplines, including political science, history, and religious studies, and have the opportunity to take elective courses in an even broader set of disciplines, including sociology, anthropology, literature, and art history.


Applicants to all graduate programs at George Mason University must meet the admission standards and application requirements for graduate study as specified in Graduate Admissions. For information specific to the graduate certificate in Middle East and Islamic Studies, see Application Requirements and Deadlines.


For policies governing all graduate certificates, see AP.6.8 Requirements for Graduate Certificates.

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Certificate Requirements

Total credits: 18

This certificate may be pursued on a full-or part-time basis.

Core Courses

MEIS 500Critical Issues and Debates in Middle East and Islamic Studies3
HIST 575Approaches to Middle East and Islamic History3
GOVT 632Politics and Societies of the Middle East3
RELI 644Islamic Texts and Contexts3
Total Credits12


Select two electives from the following:6
Regional Ethnography 1
Special Topics in Art History 2
Topics in Art History 2
World Religions, Diplomacy, and Conflict Resolution
Conflict and Religion
Seminar in Global Culture 3
Special Topics 4
Special Topics 4
Issues in Regional Geography 5
Advanced Seminar in Comparative Politics 6
Islam and Politics
Problems in Middle Eastern History
Graduate Internship in Middle East and Islamic Studies
Directed Readings in Middle East and Islamic Studies
Special Topics in Religious Studies 7
Muslim Comparative Theologies: Sunni-Shi`i Religious Thought
Islam and Human Rights
Islamic Biomedical Ethics
Total Credits6

When topic is Middle East and North Africa.


When topic is Middle Eastern or Islamic art.


When topic is Middle East or Muslim world.


When topic is a language of the Middle East or Muslim world.


When topic is Middle East.


When topic is the Middle East or a Muslim world region.


When topic is Islam or Muslim communities.