Kinesiology is a multi-dimensional field that includes specialized areas such as biomechanics, exercise physiology, motor behavior, athletic training, and sports medicine. The purpose of the MS in Kinesiology is to produce graduates who are movement and exercise specialists. The program uses an evidence-based approach that provides an advanced understanding of scientific evidence and research methods that addresses physical activity related aspects of general well-being, chronic disease, and human performance. Students learn how to become data scientists who collect, analyze, interpret and present data regarding human movement. Our students gain hands on experience using state of the art technology located in the SMART Lab.

Graduates are able to work in private and government sectors which may be characterized as clinical, athletic, and military environments. Our graduates fill positions such as sport scientists, biomechanical and physiology researchers, clinical exercise physiologists, and directors of strength and conditioning.


Students may earn lower than a B- in only 1 course within the first 9 credits taken toward the degree in order to continue in the program.

For policies governing all graduate degrees, see AP.6 Graduate Policies.

Banner Code: E1-MS-KNES

Total credits: 36

Core Coursework

KINE 600Scientific Foundation of Applied Kinesiology3
KINE 601Advanced Exercise Physiology3
KINE 602Movement and Fitness Assessment3
KINE 603Applied Biomechanics3
KINE 605Research Methods in Kinesiology3
KINE 608Data Science in Kinesiology3
KINE 615Advanced Technology to Measure Human Movement3
KINE 798Directed Inquiry3
or KINE 799 Thesis
Total Credits24


Select 12 credits from the following: 112
Special Topics
Independent Study
Exercise Psychology
Motor Control and Learning
Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition
Exercise Programming: Movement Selection and Progression
Applied Strength and Conditioning Programming
Corrective and Preventative Exercise Techniques
Total Credits12

Bachelor's Degree (any)/Kinesiology, Accelerated MS


Highly-qualified undergraduates may be admitted to the bachelor's/accelerated master's program and obtain a BS or BA in any degree area and an MS in Kinesiology in an accelerated time-frame after satisfactory completion of a minimum of 144 credits.

See AP.6.7 Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's Degree for policies related to this program.

Students in an accelerated degree program must fulfill all university requirements for the master's degree. For policies governing all graduate degrees, see AP.6 Graduate Policies.

BAM Pathway Admission Requirements

Applicants to all graduate programs at George Mason University must meet the admission standards and application requirements for graduate study as specified in Graduate Admissions Policies and Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's Degree policies. For information specific to this accelerated master's program, see Application Requirements and Deadlines.

Students will be considered for admission into the BAM Pathway after completion of a minimum of 60 credits, and additional unit-specific criteria (see Application Requirements and Deadlines).

Students who are accepted into the BAM Pathway will be allowed to register for graduate level courses after successful completion of a minimum of 75 undergraduate credits and course-specific pre-requisites.

Accelerated Master’s Admission Requirements

Students already admitted in the BAM Pathway will be admitted to the MS program, if they have met the following criteria, as verified on the Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s Transition form:  

  • 3.0 overall GPA
  • 3.0 content area GPA  
  • Completion of specific undergraduate coursework
  • Successfully meeting Mason’s requirements for undergraduate degree conferral (graduation) and completing the application for graduation.

Accelerated Pathway Requirements

To maintain the integrity and quality of both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs, undergraduate students interested in taking graduate courses must choose from the following which can be taken as Advanced Standing or Reserve Graduate credit (to be determined by the student and their advisor):

KINE 600Scientific Foundation of Applied Kinesiology3
KINE 601Advanced Exercise Physiology3
KINE 602Movement and Fitness Assessment3
KINE 603Applied Biomechanics3
KINE 604Motor Control and Learning3
KINE 605Research Methods in Kinesiology3

For more detailed information on coursework and timeline requirements, see AP.6.7 Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's Degree policies.