This degree in kinesiology is a demanding science-based program designed to prepare students for a career in clinical exercise, coaching, corporate fitness, exercise and sport psychology, medical and exercise equipment sales, personal training, sport and exercise nutrition, sport science, or wellness/fitness management. The Kinesiology (KINE) program provides students with a strong science foundation for post-graduate specialized study in kinesiology or professional schools (e.g., chiropractic, medical, physical therapy). The KINE program has a comprehensive approach to the study of human movement. Three separate internship experiences totaling 700 hours provide KINE students with the opportunity to apply evidence-based knowledge and its practical application in general fitness, clinical and sports performance settings.

The KINE degree is designed to assist students in their preparation for nationally-recognized certifications, specifically those offered by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). See Admissions and Policies for details.



Students are required to challenge either the ACSM-Certified Exercise Physiologist (EP-C) or the NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) exam by the 7th week of the semester in which they are enrolled in KINE 490 Kinesiology Internship III (Mason Core). All exam registration fees are the responsibility of the student. Scores must be reported to the KINE Internship Coordinator before students can receive credit for KINE 490 Kinesiology Internship III (Mason Core).

GPA and Grading

Students are required to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 each semester and to receive a grade of C or better in all major coursework (BIOL 124 Human Anatomy and PhysiologyBIOL 125 Human Anatomy and Physiology,  STAT 250 Introductory Statistics I (Mason Core), as well as all Professional Sequence courses). Failure to do so will result in probation or termination from the KINE program. The Kinesiology Academic Advisor is available to assist KINE students with course registration and academic plans. It is expected that KINE students will meet with their Academic Advisor each semester that they are enrolled at GMU.

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Degree Requirements

Total credits: 120

Mason Core

Written Communication6
Oral Communication3
Information Technology3
Quantitative Reasoning:
STAT 250Introductory Statistics I (Mason Core)3
Western Civilization/World History3
Social and Behavioral Sciences3
Global Understanding3
Natural Science:
BIOL 124Human Anatomy and Physiology4
BIOL 125Human Anatomy and Physiology4
Synthesis/Capstone 1
Total Credits38

Professional Sequence

ATEP 120First Aid and Emergency Care2
ATEP 300Functional Anatomy3
HEAL 110Personal Health3
KINE 100Introduction to Kinesiology3
KINE 200Methods of Exercise Instruction3
KINE 310Exercise Physiology I3
KINE 320Principles of Human Nutrition3
KINE 330Seminar in Kinesiology3
KINE 341Kinesiology Internship I3
KINE 350Exercise Prescription and Programming3
KINE 360Strength Training: Concepts and Applications3
KINE 370Exercise Testing and Evaluation3
KINE 380Exercise Prescription and Programming for Special Populations3
KINE 400Biomechanics3
KINE 410Exercise Physiology II3
KINE 420Sport and Exercise Nutrition3
KINE 441Kinesiology Internship II3
KINE 450Research Methods (fulfills writing intensive requirement)3
KINE 490Kinesiology Internship III (Mason Core)12
SPMT 320Psychology of Sport3
or KINE 260 Behavior Modification for Physical Activity
Total Credits68


Select an additional 14 credits from any of the courses in the university catalog.14
Total Credits14

Special Requirements

Fees and Expenses

All KINE courses have a per credit fee of $15. Fees cover the following:

  • laboratory supplies and equipment
  • clinical supplies
  • internship attire

Technical Standards

This degree is academically-rigorous with a significant experiential learning component, which places specific demands and requirements on its students. After admission into the KINE program, students must submit a technical standards certification statement indicating that they have read, understand, and can meet the technical standards for KINE students, either with or without accommodation. These standards outline the essential functional tasks that students must be able to perform to enroll in and complete the program. Students requiring special accommodations are encouraged to contact the Office of Disability Services.

Health Examinations and Certifications

KINE students are required to obtain a health examination and immunizations before beginning the internship phase of the program. Evidence of completion of the three hepatitis B immunizations and proof of tuberculosis screening in accordance with current U.S. Public Health Service recommendations must be provided. Costs associated with said screenings are to be assumed by the KINE student. Those who choose not to complete hepatitis B immunizations will be required to sign a declination waiver. All students must have Emergency Cardiac Care (CPR, AED) and First Aid certifications before entering their first internship experience and must maintain these certifications through the remainder of the KINE degree program.

Background Check

Students may be required to undergo a criminal background check prior to the first internship experience. Students must assume the risk that classes may be deferred and their program delayed due to the individual severity of notations on such a check and review by individual agencies. Students are encouraged to disclose any criminal background incidences to the KINE Program Coordinator prior to internship placement.

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology Sample Plan of Study

The sample plan below is a recommended sequencing of courses based on pre-requisites and scheduling. This may not fit every student's needs and is a guideline, not a requirement. Students should confirm major requirements with their academic advisor and with PatriotWeb Degree Evaluation to ensure they enroll in the proper courses and are on track to graduate.

(To be supplemented by Mason Core and Electives)

First Year
Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
BIOL 1244ATEP 3003
HEAL 1103BIOL 1254
KINE 1003 
 10 7
Second Year
Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
KINE 3203KINE 2003
KINE 3103KINE 3703
 SPMT 320 or KINE 2603
 6 9
Third Year
Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
KINE 3303KINE 3413
KINE 3503KINE 3603
ATEP 1202KINE 3803
 STAT 2503
 8 12
Fourth Year
Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
KINE 4003KINE 49012
KINE 4103 
KINE 4203 
KINE 4413 
KINE 4503 
 15 12
Total Credits 79

Detailed four year plans and degree planning checklists can be found at