Success Coaching

Success Coaches discuss all aspects of a student's life that affects their overall well-being in a 45-60 minute appointment. The Success Coaching team helps students identify resources to enhance their Patriot experiences, and develop and implement personal, career, and academic goals. We provide support and encouragement to help students continue writing their story while at Mason. Success coaching helps students transition to college, make the most of their student experience, and work through their own definition of success while at Mason within the following nine focus areas:

  • School community   

  • Effectiveness   

  • Commitment to graduation   

  • Career   

  • Managing commitments   

  • Finances   

  • Well-being

  • Academics  

  • Civic engagement

Success Coaching Assignments

All incoming freshmen and transfer students have an assigned Success Coach by the first letter of their last name; however, all Mason students have access to a Success Coach and can make a virtual or in-person appointment with a coach at any time. Students can locate their coach via the Coach Locator.  

Students can make an appointment with their Success Coach through Navigate Mason or the SSC website,  Referrals to the Student Success Coaching unit can be made via email at, calling 703-993-2470, or using our referral form