Mason Impact 

Mason impacts students, and students impact the world!    

Mason Impact is George Mason University’s commitment to offer every student transformative learning experiences. Mason Impact offers high-impact opportunities to all students, designed to develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills, preparing them to make a real impact in the world. Mason Impact is grounded in a strong education that explores how knowledge is created and used, investigates local and global challenges from multiple perspectives, and helps students develop relevant questions. Mason Impact Projects allow students to use inquiry methods to answer their questions and learn to communicate their results. These experiences are transformative; students are introduced to a more complicated and interesting world in which they can have an impact. Mason Impact offers experiences and projects in Civic EngagementResearch, and Entrepreneurship. Students who successfully complete Mason Impact projects earn special transcript notations highlighting their experiences.

Office of Community Engagement and Civic Learning (CECIL)

The Office of Community Engagement and Civic Learning facilitates
collaboration between Mason faculty, staff, students, alumni, and 
community partners for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge, resources, and service in the context of partnership and reciprocity.

CECIL offers several opportunities for community engagement and civic learning including:

  • Funding undergraduate community engaged research and service opportunities through Summer Team Impact Projects and CECL courses
  • Facilitating campus wide programming around voter engagement and participatory democracy
  • Connecting students with faculty mentors doing community engaged research and teaching

Please visit our website for more information.

Office of Student Scholarship, Creative Activities, & Research (OSCAR)

The Office of Student Scholarship, Creative Activities, & Research (OSCAR) is home to Mason's award-winning undergraduate research program, connecting undergraduate students and faculty through course-based , co-curricular, and independent scholarly projects. Undergraduate research is a featured Mason Impact experience. 

OSCAR offers several programs that make scholarship central to the undergraduate experience at Mason, by:

  • Supporting the completion of Mason Impact Projects through Research and Scholarship (RS) courses
  • Helping undergraduates students find faculty mentors
  • Funding undergraduate research and creative projects through the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program and Summer Team Impact Opportunities 
  • Providing funding for travel to conferences through the Undergraduate Student Travel Fund
  • Hosting the annual Celebration of Student Scholarship and Impact
  • Offering OSCAR Federal Work Study Research Assistantships

Please visit our website for more information.