Success Coaching and Academic Advising

Success coaching and academic advising at George Mason University are integral parts of the educational and developmental process that enhances student success by supporting, teaching, and connecting students to curricular and co-curricular experiences relevant to becoming an exemplary Mason Graduate: an engaged, reflective citizen and well-rounded scholar who is prepared to act. Mason is committed to supporting holistic success across the student experience, connecting students to campus resources, and helping students set and achieve academic, career, and personal goals. Students can explore majors and minors using the "Find Your Program" tool in this Catalog.

New, Exploratory, and Undeclared Students

Students new to Mason will be expected to meet with their assigned Success Coach during the first semester to make a plan for their own success, including discussions about major fit, career paths, campus resources, Mason Impact activities, time management, physical and mental health, finances, and campus activities. Success coaches may be located in the Mason Care Network central office, or in an academic unit. Exploratory students who have not declared a major, as well as students who have been terminated from their major, will be assigned to a student success coach housed in the Mason Care Network unit. The coach serves as the student’s academic advisor and success coach.  Students are encouraged to make appointments with coaches for information about general degree requirements, major exploration, policies, procedures, getting connected on campus, and other concerns. More information can be found on the Mason Care Network website. All academic actions and exceptions to policy for exploratory, undeclared and non-degree students should be initiated by meeting with a success coach. 

Students with Majors and Minors

As a student commits to their major and minor, they will be assigned an academic advisor in their school or college. Students are encouraged to meet regularly with an academic advisor to discuss academic programs, educational goals, course scheduling, and career plans. Individual departments establish their own advising processes; students are encouraged to check with their departments for the appropriate procedures and to determine how to access academic advising. An advisor locator is available online. With their advisors, students plan academic programs to meet the general university degree requirements and specific requirements within their major and minor fields. It is the student's responsibility to read this catalog and know and fulfill the requirements of a specific baccalaureate degree. To assist in the advising process, Mason provides a computerized degree evaluation. Students should access their individualized reports through Patriot Web. It remains the student's responsibility to seek approval for any program change so the computerized degree plan may be kept current.

Students changing majors are encouraged to meet with an advisor in the new major. Students considering changing majors can meet with a Success Coach in the Mason Care Network to explore their options. They may change majors by filing a Change/Declaration of Academic Program Form available from the Office of the University Registrar. 

Health Professions Advising


Health Professions Advising collaborates with campus colleagues to assist students in their pursuit of postgraduate work in a medical field (allopathic and osteopathic medicine, dentistry, optometry, physician assistant, pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, communication sciences, and veterinary medicine). The Health Professions Advising Coordinator provides information and tools which will help pre-health students achieve success in the application process to a professional school.

Office of Fellowships


The Office of Fellowships helps highly motivated undergraduates and recent alumni of all majors to find, prepare for, and apply for nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships. Past winners have been active leaders in their fields and have been involved in research, community service, or creative projects. A team of program officers and graduate students will assist you in identifying and preparing applications for nationally competitive fellowships to support your academic, professional, and public service goals. Throughout the academic year, the office provides information sessions, workshops, individual advising, and other events to connect students to fellowship opportunities.

Patriot Pre-Law Advising


Advising in the Patriot Pre-Law Program is designed to prepare students for the application process and for success in law school. Our approach includes helping students select courses that will best develop important skills as well as programming to prepare students for the Law School Admissions Test, including half-price commercial preparatory courses. Special attention is given to the law school personal statement, which is what most schools use instead of a face-to-face interview. This program is housed in the Schar School, but we encourage all interested students to contact us.