The Advanced Biomedical Sciences (ABS) graduate certificate is a program offered jointly by George Mason University and Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC). This program is designed for students who have all of their core coursework and extracurricular prerequisites for medical, dental or other health-related fields, but otherwise have a comparatively limited science background (non-science majors with only the pre-health curricular core, for example), modest grades in the sciences as undergraduates, and/or also need to improve their Medical College Admission Test, Dental Admission Test, or other pre-professional scores. This is a 9-month full-time program that begins each fall semester. Most classes are held at George Mason University's Science and Technology Campus in Manassas, Virginia with cadaveric anatomy labs held at GUMC.

The graduate certificate may be pursued on a full-time basis in either a lecture-based format, a hybrid-flipped format, or an online-flipped format, using recorded lectures and a discussion-based classroom experience. The program is premium-priced with no tuition distinction between the in-state or out-of-state residency status.

This certificate program qualifies for Title IV Federal Financial Aid.

Affiliated Faculty

Banerjee, Partha; Castilla, Marina; Djakiew, Daniel; Johnson, Michael; Knight Marvar Sarah; Mulroney, Susan; Notario, Vicente; Watson, Josh; Whitney, Jennifer


University-wide admissions policies can be found in Graduate Admissions Policies.

To apply for this program, please complete the an application with the PostbacCAS and search for our program which is listed as: GeorgeSquared Graduate Certificate in Advanced Biomedical Sciences.

Applicants are expected to have a bachelor's degree from an institution of higher education accredited by a Mason-recognized U.S. institutional accrediting agency or international equivalent, the desire to pursue a career in medicine, dentistry, or other health-related career, completion of all of the prerequisite courses for medical or dental school (one year each of biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics and math), and overall credentials suitable for acceptance to graduate programs in the College of Science at George Mason University and the Georgetown University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.


For policies governing all graduate programs, see AP.6 Graduate Policies.

Banner Code: SC-CERG-ABS

Certificate Requirements

Total credits: 20

This certificate may be pursued on a full-time basis only.

Students should refer to the Admissions & Policies tab for specific policies related to this certificate.


Fall SemesterCreditsSpring SemesterCredits
BMED 6014BMED 6045
BMED 6023BMED 6053
BMED 6033BMED 6511
BMED 6521 
 11 9
Total Credits 20