The Schar School offers certificate programs in conjunction with its master's programs. Students already pursuing a master's degree in the school may, in most cases, after admission to a certificate program, earn an additional six credits (two courses) in Schar to receive a certificate in addition to the master's degree. The certificate in Terrorism and Homeland Security is an interdisciplinary introduction to the phenomenon of modern terrorism and its implications for US domestic and foreign policy. It focuses on multidisciplinary analysis and holistic cross-sectorial approaches to long-term prevention of and response to terrorism.

The graduate certificate may only be pursued on a part-time basis.


Applicants to all graduate programs must meet the admission standards and application requirements for graduate study as specified in Graduate Admission Policies. Participants must be admitted to a certificate program. Admissions requirements may be found on the Schar School certificate admissions website.  


For policies governing all graduate certificates, see AP.6.8 Requirements for Graduate Certificates.

Termination from Program

Students admitted to a Schar program will be terminated from that program upon receiving one grade of F and are no longer eligible to take courses in the school. Per university regulation, students are terminated from the university after accumulating grades of F in two courses or 9 credits of unsatisfactory grades in graduate courses. For policies governing all graduate degrees, see Graduate Policies.

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Certificate Requirements

Total credits: 15

This certificate may be pursued on a part-time basis only.

Required Courses

BIOD 722Examining Terrorist Groups3
BIOD 725Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction3
Total Credits6

Electives Related to Terrorism Analysis or Response

Select three courses from the following:9
Biodefense Strategy
Advanced Topics in Global Health Security
Intelligence: Theory and Practice
Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Weapons Policy and Security
Nonproliferation and Arms Control
Food Security
Foundations of Security Studies
International Security
Homeland/Transportation Security Administration
Emergency Planning and Preparedness
Disaster Response Operations and Recovery
Hazard Mitigation Policy
Emergency Preparedness: Interagency Communication and Coordination
Managing Homeland Security
Homeland/Transportation Security Administration
Transportation Safety and Security
Illicit Trade
Transnational Crime and Corruption
Critical Infrastructure Protection: Policy and Practice
Introduction to Conflict Analysis and Resolution
Selected Topics in Geography 1
Topics in Policy and Government
Other course with prior written approval of the advisor
Total Credits9

Only when topic is Geography of Terrorism and Homeland Security.