Computational Modeling Concentration

For admission to the certificate with a Computational Modeling concentration, applicants must meet minimum entrance requirements for the MS in operations research, the MS in statistical science, or the PhD in computational sciences and informatics.

Military Operations Research Concentration

Admissions requirements for the certificate with a Military Operations Research concentration are identical to those for the Operations Research, MS.

Predictive Data Analytics Concentration

The certificate with Predictive Analytics concentration will be open to all students who hold a BS degree in scientific and engineering disciplines from an accredited university program, with a minimum GPA  of 3.0. Students who are already enrolled in a master's program must submit a secondary certificate form to enroll in this certificate with concentration program; all others must apply for graduate admission to this certificate with concentration program.


For policies governing all graduate certificates, see AP.6.8 Requirements for Graduate Certificates.

Courses taken for the Computational Modeling certificate can count toward a master's degree in operations research or statistics or a PhD in computational sciences and informatics. One must be concurrently enrolled in the program for courses to count toward the certificate and the other degree.

Banner Code: EC-CERG-OR

Certificate Requirements

Total credits: 12-15

This certificate may be pursued on a part-time basis only.

Students must complete all requirements within a concentration.

Concentration in Computational Modeling (CCM)

OR 541Operations Research: Deterministic Models3
OR 635Discrete System Simulation3
OR 682Computational Methods in Engineering and Statistics3
or MATH 685 Numerical Analysis
Select one from the following Electives:3
Linear and Nonlinear Modeling in the Natural Sciences
Operations Research: Stochastic Models
System Methodology and Modeling
Modeling, Simulation, and Gaming
Linear Systems and Control
Dynamical Systems
Total Credits12

Concentration in Military Operations Research (MOR)

Certificate candidates must complete five courses, with an average grade of B or better, for a total of 15 graduate credits.

OR 541Operations Research: Deterministic Models3
OR 635Discrete System Simulation3
OR 651Military Operations Research I: Cost Analysis3
OR 652Military Operations Research Modeling II: Effectiveness Analysis3
SYST 683Modeling, Simulation, and Gaming3
Total Credits15

Concentration in Predictive Data Analytics (PDA)

OR 541Operations Research: Deterministic Models3
OR 568Applied Predictive Analytics3
One from the following:3
Operations Research: Stochastic Models
Practical Optimization
Discrete System Simulation
One from the following:3
Principles of Data Management and Mining
Theory and Applications of Data Mining
Total Credits12