Students with engineering majors in CEIE, BIOESEOR, and non-engineering majors in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Policy, Geography and Geoinformation Science, and Geology are especially encouraged to consider this offering. The minor prepares students through additional coursework for subsequent graduate studies in water and environmental engineering at Mason or elsewhere, and for employment in environmental engineering, although the minor by itself does not constitute an engineering qualification.


Eight credits of coursework must be unique to the minor and students must complete all coursework with a minimum GPA of 2.00. For policies governing all minors, see AP.5.3.4 Minors.

Banner Code: EENG

Minor Requirements

Total credits: 19


CEIE 240Hydraulics3
CEIE 355Environmental Engineering and Science3
CEIE 450Environmental Engineering Systems3
or CEIE 453 Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes
or CHEM 427 Aquatic Environmental Chemistry
or CHEM 438 Atmospheric Chemistry
EVPP 355Ecological Engineering and Ecosystem Restoration4
or EVPP 378 RS: Ecological Sustainability (Mason Core)
or EVPP 442 Urban Ecosystems and Processes
GGS 302Global Environmental Hazards3
or CLIM 319 Air Pollution
PHYS 331Physics of Renewable Energy3
or ME 425 Renewable Energy Engineering
Total Credits19