These courses give students an authentic research or creative experience as part of the Mason Impact. In Research and Scholarship (RS) Intensive courses, students and faculty have a unique opportunity to partner as they merge teaching with the creation of new knowledge. By participating in one of these classes, students are actively involved in a Mason Impact project that is the central focus of the class. Students help define the project, take responsibility for carrying it out, and present the results to a broader audience. These classes are identified on student transcripts with an RS designation. Students will receive a transcript designation highlighting the completion of this project.

RS Courses

The following courses have been designated Research and Scholarship intensive (RS)

ARTH 440RS: Advanced Studies in Renaissance and Baroque Art3
ARTH 460RS: Advanced Studies in 20th-Century European Art3
ARTH 472RS: Advanced Studies in 20th-Century Latin American Art3
ARTH 482RS: Advanced Studies in Asian Art3
ARTH 495RS: Curating an Exhibit3
ASTR 402RS: Methods of Observational Astronomy (Mason Core)4
AVT 483RS: Art and Interactivity3
BENG 395RS: Mentored Research in Bioengineering1-3
BENG 493RS: Senior Advanced Design Project II3
BIOL 379RS: Ecological Sustainability (Mason Core)4
BIOL 491Selected Topics in Biology Laboratory Techniques1-2
BIOL 499RS: Research in Biology6-9
BIS 490RS: Senior Project (Mason Core)4
CEIE 395Mentored Research in Civil and Environmental Engineering1-3
CHEM 439RS: Atmospheric Chemistry II: Air Analysis Techniques3
COMM 491RS: Honors Research Project in Communication3
COMM 498RS: Research Projects in Communication3
CONF 490RS: Integration (Mason Core)3
CONS 490RS: Integrated Conservation Strategies (Mason Core)3
CONS 491RS: Conservation Management Planning (Mason Core)4
CONS 496Research in Conservation (Mason Core)6
COS 401RS: Discipline Based Education Research2-3
DANC 362RS: Directed Choreography1
ECE 493RS: Senior Advanced Design Project II (Mason Core)2
ECON 495RS: Honors Thesis in Economics (Mason Core)3-6
ENGH 401RS: Honors Thesis Writing Seminar (Mason Core)3
ENGH 417RS: Topics in Folklore Research (Mason Core)3
ENGH 458RS: Topics in Literary Research (Mason Core)3
ENGH 470RS: Topics in Film/Media History (Mason Core)3
ENGH 484RS: Writing Ethnography (Mason Core)3
ENGH 486RS: Writing Nonfiction for the Public (Mason Core)3
EVPP 378RS: Ecological Sustainability (Mason Core)4
FNAN 498RS: Contemporary Topics in Finance3
GAME 332RS: Story Design for Computer Games3
GGS 463RS: GIS Analysis and Application3
GLOA 400Global Affairs Capstone (Mason Core)3
HIST 499RS: Senior Seminar in History (Mason Core)3
LING 480RS: First Language Acquisition (Mason Core)3
MATH 406RS: Honors Thesis in Mathematics II3
MKTG 481RS: Marketing in the Nonprofit Sector3
MUSI 489Music Technology Capstone (Mason Core)3
NEUR 405RS: Laboratory Methods in Behavioral Neuroscience3
NEUR 406Zebrafish Neurodevelopment Laboratory3
PSYC 492RS: Psychology Honors III3
SOCI 481RS: Honors Seminar in Sociology II3
SOCI 485RS: Sociological Analysis and Practice (Mason Core)3
SOCW 472RS: Integrative Methods in Social Action and Social Change (Mason Core)3
UNIV 491RS: Students as Scholars Individualized Scholarly Experience0-9
UNIV 495RS: Undergraduate Research Scholars Program Seminar0-1
UNIV 496RS: Undergraduate Research Scholars Program Continuation0