Success coaching and academic advising at George Mason University are integral parts of the educational and developmental process that enhance student success. Mason is committed to supporting holistic success across the student experience, connecting students to campus resources, and helping students set and achieve academic, career, and personal goals. 

Success Coaching

Success Coaches discuss aspects of a student’s life which impact their academic performance, including but not limited to the following:  

  • School community   

  • Effectiveness   

  • Commitment to graduation   

  • Career   

  • Managing commitments   

  • Finances   

  • Health & support    

  • Academics  

Success Coaches will meet with students to discuss these eight focus areas and how they influence their student experience at Mason. Success Coaches work closely with campus resources, Academic Advisors, and the student to develop success plans to enhance and improve a student’s performance and confidence in each area 

All incoming freshmen students have an assigned Success Coach; however, all Mason undergraduate students will have access to a Success Coach. Students can locate their coaches via the Coach Locator.  

Students can make an appointment with their Success Coach through Navigate Mason or the MCN website,  Referrals to the MCN can be done via email at or call 703-993-2470 

New, Exploratory, and Undeclared Students

In addition to coaching, the MCN unit also provides academic advising for exploratory, undeclared, and non-degree seeking students. Students who are unsure of their major or just not quite sure what field to pursue have an assigned Exploratory Academic Advisor, who also serves as their Success Coach 

Students new to Mason will be expected to meet with their assigned Success Coach during the first semester to develop a plan for success, including discussions about major fit, career paths, campus resources, Mason Impact activities, time management, physical and mental health, finances, and campus activities. Success coaches are located within the Mason Care Network central office in SUB1, or within an academic unit. Exploratory students who have not declared a major, as well as students who have been terminated from their major, will be assigned to a student success coach housed in the Mason Care Network unit. This success coach will serve as the student’s academic advisor and success coachStudents are encouraged to make appointments with coaches for information about general degree requirements, major exploration, policies, procedures, getting connected on campus, and other concerns. All academic actions and exceptions to policy for exploratory, undeclared, and non-degree students should be initiated by meeting with a success coach. More information can be found on the Mason Care Network website 

Referrals to MCN can be done via email at or call 703-993-2470Students can also make an appointment with their Success Coach through Navigate Mason or the MCN website,