The master's program in health and medical policy prepares students to become analysts and informed decision-makers at the local, state, and national levels, to be policy consultants, to support the work of foundations, or to engage with public health and advocacy organizations in the U.S. and abroad. Students are expected to graduate with the knowledge and skills needed to analyze health policy issues; examine health system approaches; formulate new policies; and support policy development in health care financing, healthcare delivery system innovations, and the allocation of scarce resources.

Students will learn how health care services in the U.S. are delivered and paid for, how well the U.S. health care system performs from an individual and societal perspective, and how various key stakeholders influence the formation and development of health policy.



Applicants must meet the admission standards and application requirements specified in Graduate Admissions  and must apply using the online Application for Graduate Admission. The application process is competitive, and applications are considered for the fall and spring semesters. For application deadlines and detailed application requirements, refer to the CHHS Admissions website.


For policies governing all graduate degrees, see AP.6 Graduate Policies.

Transfer of Credit

Students may transfer a maximum of 12 credits from graduate courses taken at other institutions or taken at Mason in non-degree status. Transfer credit is subject to university and college policies and must be approved by the program director and the dean. Students who enroll initially through non-degree studies should seek course advising through the department and should submit their application to the MS program in their first semester of study.

Banner Code: HH-MS-HMP

Degree Requirements

Total credits: 42

Core Courses

Health Delivery and Policy Issues
HAP 635Role of Government in Health Care and Public Health3
HAP 652Essentials of Health Insurance and Managed Care3
HAP 715Health Economics3
HAP 742Health Policy Development and Analysis3
HAP 764Health Policy and Government Payment Systems for Health Care Services3
Public Policy Process
PUBP 730US Institutions and the Policy Process3
PUAD 615Administrative Law3
PUAD 750Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations3
Policy Analysis
HAP 602Statistics in Health Services Management3
HAP 645Introduction to Health Services Research3
HAP 719Advanced Statistics in Health Services Research I3
POGO 646Policy and Program Evaluation3
HAP 793Final Project in Applied Health Policy3
Total Credits39


Select three credits from the following:3
Courses not listed below must be approved by the student's advisor.
Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Regulatory Requirements for Health Care Systems
Policy Development and Analysis for Community Health Programs
Financial Management in Health Systems
Health Care Security Policy
Health Policy Leadership
Legal Issues in Health Administration
Health Promotion Methods
Health Behavior Theory
Health Program Planning and Evaluation
Behavioral Research Methods
Introduction to Epidemiology
Biodefense Strategy
Global Health Security Policy
Emergency Planning and Preparedness
Hazard Mitigation Policy
Emergency Preparedness: Interagency Communication and Coordination
Policy Analysis
Advocacy and Lobbying
Virginia Politics, Policy, and Administration
Professional Writing for Policy
Policy Systems Analysis and Management Science
Administrative Law and Public Policy
Lobbying and Interest Representation
Media and Public Policy
Federal Institutions and Management
Social Entrepreneurship and Public Policy
Or advisor-approved elective course
Total Credits3