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With concentrations in recreation administration, sport and leisure studies, sport management, and individualized study in sport, recreation, and tourism, the Master of Science in Sport and Recreation Studies meets the growing need for professionals and academics. This degree prepares students as professionals who will more adequately serve the industry and their communities, and students who wish to pursue advanced study through doctoral programs in these disciplinary areas, leading to employment (and contributions) in academe. This program offers the traditional research masters' thesis option and the option of an applied research project linked to a professional setting or internship.

The Sport Management Graduate Certificate with concentrations in Sport Coaching and International Sport Management may be taken in conjunction with the MS SRST degree or as a standalone option.


Application Requirements

In addition to fulfilling admission requirements for graduate study as specified in Graduate Admissions, applicants must have successfully completed an undergraduate course in statistics. 


For policies governing all graduate degrees, see AP .6 Graduate Policies.

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Degree Requirements

Total credits: 30

MS Core Coursework

Students are required to take a set of four courses that will provide grounding in historical and socio-cultural foundations, research methods and statistics, ethical and legal issues, and leadership perspectives. In addition, all students will complete a seminar, and either a capstone thesis or project/internship specific to their concentration.

SRST 606Foundations of Sport and Recreation Studies3
SPMT 613Strategic Leadership in Sport Organizations3
or PRLS 613 Strategic Leadership in Recreation Administration
SPMT 614Legal Issues in Sport3
or PRLS 501 Introduction to Natural Resources Law
SRST 623Research Design and Statistical Reasoning3
SRST 796Seminar in Sport and Recreation Studies1
Select 5 credits from the following:5
Master's Project/Internship
Thesis Preparation
and Master's Thesis
Total Credits18

Concentration in Recreation Administration (RADM)

PRLS 610Recreation Administration and Planning3
PRLS 611Social Psychology of Leisure3
Select 6 credits from the following: 16
Natural Resources Recreation Planning
Visitor Services
History of Leisure and Sport in American Society
Philosophy of Leisure and Sport
Special Topics (must register for 3 credits)
Total Credits12

Concentration in Sport and Leisure Studies (SPLS)

PRLS 601History of Leisure and Sport in American Society3
PRLS 612Philosophy of Leisure and Sport3
Select 6 credits from the following: 16
Social Psychology of Leisure
Sport in the Global Marketplace
Sport and International Development
Special Topics (must register for 3 credits)
Total Credits12

Concentration in Sport Management (SPMT)

SPMT 611Sport Marketing and Sales3
SPMT 612Economics and Financial Management in the Sport Industry 13
SPMT 616Sport Operations, Venues, and Event Management3
Select 3 credits from the following: 23
Sport in the Global Marketplace
The Australian Model of Sport
The Global Soccer Industry
Psychology of Coaching
Ethical Issues in Global Sport
Theoretical Models of Sport Coaching
Sport and International Development
Governance and Policy in International Sport
Special Topics (must register for 3 credits)
Total Credits12

Concentration in Individualized Study in Sport, Recreation, and Tourism (ISRT)

With advisor approval, select four 3-credit courses within the university catalog that form an integrated program of study.12
Total Credits12

Bachelor's Degree (any)/Sport and Recreation Studies, Accelerated MS


Qualified Mason undergraduates may be admitted to a bachelor's/accelerated master's program and obtain a BA or BS in any degree area and a Sport and Recreation Studies, MS. See AP.6.7 Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's Degree for policies related to this option.

Application Requirements

Applicants to all graduate programs at George Mason University must meet the admission standards and application requirements for graduate study as specified in Graduate Admissions Policies. Additionally, applicants must have an overall GPA of at least 3.00. See the Accelerated Master's Admissions webpage to apply.

Accelerated Option Requirements

During their senior year, students complete three to six graduate credits in consultation with the academic program coordinator that apply to both the bachelor's and master's degrees. These courses are considered advanced standing for the master's. A minimum grade of B must be earned to be eligible to count as advanced standing. While still in undergraduate status, students may take up to six graduate credits that are reserve graduate credit and therefore, are applicable to the master's but do not count toward the undergraduate degree. Early in their final undergraduate semester, students must submit the Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's Transition Form to the CEHD Admissions Office and specify which courses are to be designated as advanced standing and reserve graduate credit.