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Student Health Services provides easily accessible and affordable health care to all enrolled students in a caring and confidential environment. Clinics on the Fairfax, Arlington, and Science and Technology campuses offer a wide variety of services to keep Mason students healthy. 

Immunization Requirements

All newly admitted or newly readmitted students are required to submit the immunization record form. Students born after December 31, 1956, must provide documented proof that they have been immunized against certain communicable diseases. Students born before December 31, 1956 are only required to complete the Tuberculosis screening section on the immunization record form. 

Students must submit completed immunization records to the Immunization Office by the first day of classes for the semester per the Registrar's calendar. 

Students must complete parts 1-4 and a healthcare provider must complete parts 5-8 of the Immunization Record Form. A late fee will be charged and a hold will be placed on the student's Patriot Web account if immunization records or documentation are incomplete. 

Immunization requirements are mandated by the Commonwealth of Virginia and George Mason University policy #6004. Student Health Services is responsible for collecting and maintaining students’ immunization records. 

Required Immunizations

Tuberculosis: Tuberculosis (TB) screening is required for all students. If TB testing is needed it must be completed within the past 6 months.

Tdap: Must submit proof of Tetanus/diphtheria/Acellular Pertussis (Tdap) vaccination after age 11. Must also show proof of Tetanus and diphtheria (TD)/Tdap within the last 10 years if Tdap vaccine was administered more than 10 years ago. A titer lab report is not accepted. 

MMR: Two doses each of measles, mumps, rubella, after 1967 OR the combination MMR (after 1971), OR a laboratory report of a titer documenting positive immunity to each of the diseases.

Hepatitis B: Students are required to submit proof of vaccination or immunity against Hepatitis B disease OR they must sign a waiver. Student Health Services highly recommends this vaccination series. 

Meningococcal: Meningococcal Conjugate vaccine administered between the ages of 16-21 OR submit a signed waiver. Student Health highly recommends students living on campus or participating in sports receive this vaccine.

The immunization record form can be found on the Student Health Services website or obtained at the Immunization Office. Immunization records must be in English.

Immunization Submission

Submit the immunization record form to the Immunization Office through the secure patient portal online, by mail, or in-person. Submission details are on the form.

Students must complete parts 1-4 and a healthcare provider must complete parts 5-8 of the Immunization Record Form. Transcription service is available for a fee at Student Health.

If a student is not able to provide appropriate documentation, immunizations and/or titers are also available for a fee. Call (703-993-2135) or walk-in to the Immunization Office to schedule an appointment for immunizations at Student Health Services after records are submitted and processed. Contact the Immunization Office for questions about immunization requirements, submission, or vaccine prices. 

Online submission:

Office location:
SUB 1, Rooms 2347 - 2349    

Mailing Address:
George Mason University Student Health Services
4400 University Drive, MS 2D3
Fairfax, Virginia 22030  

Students are responsible for ensuring immunization records are submitted and complete by the deadline. Students will receive notification about incomplete or missing immunization requirements through their Mason email account. The notice will direct the student to log into the secure patient portal for more information. 

Minor Consent

A parent/legal representative signature is required for a minor (a student under age 18 at the time classes begin). A minor consent must be on file at Student Health Services to receive most health services. This minor consent is on the immunization record form. If a minor student chooses to sign the hepatitis B or meningococcal waiver on the immunization record form, a parent/legal representative signature is also required.

Student Health Services

Student Health is staffed by dedicated doctors, nurse practitioners, and nurses who provide diagnosis and treatment of illness and minor injuries and health and wellness counseling for all enrolled students. 

There is no charge to be seen by a healthcare provider. There are fees for supplies, immunizations, lab testing, medications and procedures. Call to schedule an appointment for routine or non-urgent services. If Student Health Services is closed, call 703-993-2831 to speak with the free nurse advice service.

Student Health Insurance Plan

George Mason University offers a student health insurance plan which is available to eligible undergraduate and graduate students who would like to purchase health insurance.  F-1 and J-1 Visa students are automatically enrolled in the Mason health insurance plan under University Policy #6002. Details about the plan are online.