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The BA degree is a 120-credit general program of dance study within a liberal arts degree framework.


Entrance to the program is by audition. Information about the audition process, including dates and audition application, can be found on the school webpage, or by calling the dance office at 703-993-1114. Admission to the university is determined by the Admissions Office.


For policies governing all undergraduate degrees, see AP.5 Undergraduate Policies.

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Degree Requirements

Total credits: 120

Mason Core

Written Communication
ENGH 101Composition (Mason Core) 13
ENGH 302Advanced Composition (Mason Core) 13
Foundation Requirements
Oral Communication3
Quantitative Reasoning3
Information Technology3
Core Requirements
Natural Science 27
Western Civilization/World History3
Social and Behavioral Sciences3
Total Credits34

Dance Major Core

Additional technique and performance credits beyond those required in the major core may be applied to dance electives.

DANC 114Rhythmic Analysis and Music Resources for Dance3
Select one from the following: 13
World Dance (Mason Core)
Global Perspectives: World Dance Forms (Mason Core)
Global Dance Intensive (Mason Core)
DANC 150Dance Improvisation3
DANC 170Orientation to Dance Production1
DANC 190First Year Seminar0
DANC 210Anatomy and Kinesiology for Dance3
DANC 251Dance Composition I3
DANC 252Dance Composition II3
DANC 270Dance Production Lab1
Two credits of2
Dance Performance
Residency Workshop
DANC 390Dance History I (Mason Core)3
DANC 391Dance History II (Mason Core)3
DANC 454Methods of Teaching Dance (Mason Core)3
Select 9 credits from the following:9
Modern/Contemporary Dance III (Mason Core) 2
Modern/Contemporary Dance IV (Mason Core)
Select 6 credits from the following:6
Ballet III (Mason Core)
Ballet IV (Mason Core)
Dance Electives
Select 10 credits from the following:10
World Dance (Mason Core)
Dance in Popular Culture: Afro-Latino Dance (Mason Core)
Special Topics in Dance
Beginning Jazz Technique (Mason Core)
Beginning Tap Dance (Mason Core)
Modern/Contemporary Dance II (Mason Core)
Intermediate Jazz Technique (Mason Core)
Ballet II (Mason Core)
Global Perspectives: World Dance Forms (Mason Core)
Introduction to Dance Conditioning
Modern/Contemporary Dance III (Mason Core)
Advanced Jazz Dance (Mason Core)
Ballet III (Mason Core)
Dance Performance
Residency Workshop
Independent Study
Global Dance Intensive (Mason Core)
Special Topics in Dance
Modern/Contemporary Dance IV (Mason Core)
Ballet IV (Mason Core)
Teaching Creative Movement
Or other courses as approved by the School of Dance Director or Advisor
Total Credits56


BA students must use general electives to either complete a minor, double major or double degree outside their primary field of study (15-20 credits) or demonstrate intermediate-level proficiency in one foreign language (0-9 credits) 1,230
Total Credits30