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This interdisciplinary minor is for students with diverse interests in the material culture of the ancient world. Coursework combines the study of archaeology, literature, art, history, philosophy, myth, and religion. The scope of the minor is not limited to Greece and Rome but touches on all the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean and the heirs of late antiquity such as Byzantium and early Islam.

The minor represents foundation work crucial to graduate study in traditional departments of classical, near Eastern, or Mediterranean art and archaeology. Through this minor, students are given credit for acquiring practical linguistic skills and archaeological field experience as well as scholarly background. Students should consult with the director for help in choosing a program of study that will complement their major.


Cherubin, Gregg, Williamson (coordinator), Winkler


Eight credits of coursework must be unique to the minor and students must complete all coursework with a minimum GPA of 2.00. For policies governing all minors, see AP.5.3.4 Minors.

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Minor Requirements

Total credits: 18

Students should be aware of the specific policies associated with this program, located on the Admissions & Policies tab.

Of the 18 credits required for the minor, at least 3 credits must be taken in ARTH and at least 9 credits must be taken outside of ARTH. 

Core Courses

Select one course (3 credits) from one of the following options:3
Option 1: A course in Classical Greek:
Classical Greek I
Classical Greek II
Option 2: A course in Ancient Literature:
Symbols and Stories in Art (Mason Core)
Classical Mythology (Mason Core)
The Legacy of Greece and Rome (Mason Core)
Religions of the West (Mason Core)
Option 3: A course in Latin or a modern research language:
Total Credits3


Select 3 credits from the following:3
Advanced Studies in Ancient Art 1
Advanced Studies in Medieval or Islamic Art 1
Total Credits3


Students can also use archaeological field work done for credit to fulfill this requirement.

Select 3-6 credits from the following:3-6
The Museum (Mason Core)
Pirates, Conquest, and Death: Archaeology and Globalism since 1500
Art History Internships 1
Field Techniques in Archaeology
Total Credits3-6


Select two to three electives (6-9 credits) from the following: 16-9
Warfare, Violence, and Sacrifice in Antiquity
Art and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East (Mason Core)
Art of the Islamic World (Mason Core)
Greek Art and Archaeology (Mason Core)
Roman Art and Archaeology (Mason Core)
From Alexander the Great to Cleopatra: The Hellenistic World (Mason Core)
Early Christian and Byzantine Art (Mason Core)
Greek and Roman Epic (Mason Core)
Greek and Roman Tragedy (Mason Core)
Greek and Roman Comedy (Mason Core)
Greek and Roman Novels (Mason Core)
Topics in Classical Literature and Culture
Classical Greece
Classical Rome
History of Western Philosophy: Ancient
Judaism from Exile to Talmud
Beginnings of Christianity
Total Credits6-9