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Credit by Exam

The Office of Admissions awards transfer credit for several advanced standing examinations based upon minimum score requirements established by Mason academic departments. A complete list can be found online. Students are responsible for providing official test score transcripts at time of application. Transfer credit evaluations are considered final after the first academic year of enrollment.

Mason Departmental Exams

Proficiency exams are offered in a number of courses usually taken during the first two years. Students may not earn credit by exam for courses in which they are currently enrolled beyond the time allotted to add courses in that semester, or for courses already audited or failed at the university. Transfer students may not earn by exam any part of the 30 credits that must be completed at Mason to earn a degree.

English 101 and English 302 Proficiency Testing

The English Department offers proficiency testing for the required composition courses ENGH 101 Composition (Mason Core) and ENGH 302 Advanced Composition (Mason Core). Students seeking a waiver for ENGH 101 Composition (Mason Core) may take the ENGH 101 Composition (Mason Core) Proficiency Exam. Students seeking a waiver for ENGH 302 Advanced Composition (Mason Core) may submit a writing portfolio to the English Department and complete a timed exam. Students who receive a waiver through these processes do not also receive course credit. Additional information can be found on the exemptions page of the Composition website.

Foreign Language Placement

SAT Subject Tests in foreign languages are used for placement in many of the languages offered at Mason. Freshman applicants who wish to receive the appropriate foreign language placement should take this exam during their senior year in high school. Transfer students receiving credit for college-level foreign language study completed at other colleges usually do not need a placement test, but should consult the Department of Modern and Classical Languages to determine correct placement.

For students who wish to continue the study of a language at Mason, it is the student's responsibility to take a placement exam and obtain results before enrolling in a foreign language course. The placement exam is given in conjunction with orientation. The schedule can be found on the website of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages. Specific information on interpreting test scores can be obtained from the department.

Some students whose degree programs require intermediate proficiency in a foreign language may be eligible for a waiver of the requirement based on prior knowledge of foreign language. For information on waiver of the foreign language requirement see the website of the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Office of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Math Placement Exam

The Math Placement Exam is a computer-based test to help assess a student's proficiency. Entering students are required to complete the exam successfully during orientation unless they have received transfer credit for a mathematics course used to satisfy the University's quantitative reasoning Mason Core requirement. The math placement test schedule can be found online.