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These courses give students an authentic research or creative experience. In RS courses, students and faculty have a unique opportunity to partner as they merge teaching with the creation of new knowledge. By participating in one of these classes, students are actively involved in a project that is the central focus of the class. Students help define the project, take responsibility for carrying it out, and present the results to a broader audience. These classes are identified on student transcripts with an RS designation. Currently offered RS courses can be found at the OSCAR website.

RS Courses

The following courses have been designated Research and Scholarship intensive (RS)

ARTH 440RS: Advanced Studies in Renaissance and Baroque Art3
ARTH 460RS: Advanced Studies in 20th-Century European Art3
ARTH 472RS: Advanced Studies in 20th-Century Latin American Art3
ARTH 482RS: Advanced Studies in Asian Art3
ARTH 495RS: Objects and Archives in Art History3
ASTR 402RS: Methods of Observational Astronomy (Mason Core)4
AVT 483RS: Art and Interactivity3
BENG 395RS: Mentored Research in Bioengineering1-3
BENG 493RS: Senior Advanced Design Project II (Mason Core)2
BIOL 379RS: Ecological Sustainability (Mason Core)4
BIOL 499RS: Research in Biology6-9
BIS 490RS: Senior Project (Mason Core)3
CHEM 439RS: Atmospheric Chemistry II: Air Analysis Techniques3
COMM 491RS: Honors Research Project in Communication3
COMM 498RS: Research Projects in Communication3
CONF 490RS: Integration (Mason Core)3
CONS 490RS: Integrated Conservation Strategies (Mason Core)3
CONS 491RS: Conservation Management Planning (Mason Core)4
COS 401RS: Discipline Based Education Research2-3
CRIM 492RS: Honors Seminar II3
DANC 362RS: Directed Choreography1
ECE 493RS: Senior Advanced Design Project II (Mason Core)2
ECON 495RS: Honors Thesis in Economics3-6
ENGH 401RS: Honors Thesis Writing Seminar (Mason Core)3
ENGH 417RS: Topics in Folklore Research (Mason Core)3
ENGH 458RS: Topics in Literary Research (Mason Core)3
ENGH 470RS: Topics in Film/Media History (Mason Core)3
ENGH 484RS: Writing Ethnography (Mason Core)3
ENGH 486RS: Writing Nonfiction for Publication (Mason Core)3
EVPP 378RS: Ecological Sustainability (Mason Core)4
GAME 332RS: Story Design for Computer Games3
HHS 492RS: Internship in Clinical Research3
HIST 499RS: Senior Seminar in History (Mason Core)3
HNRS 312RS: Research in the Public Sphere0-3
HNRS 411RS: Honors College Thesis0-3
MATH 406RS: Honors Thesis in Mathematics II3
MKTG 481RS: Marketing in the Nonprofit Sector3
MUSI 490RS: Musical Communication in Context (Mason Core)3
NEUR 405RS: Laboratory Methods in Behavioral Neuroscience3
PSYC 492RS: Psychology Honors III3
RHBS 490RS: Clinical Research Internship3
SOCI 481RS: Honors Seminar in Sociology II3
SOCI 485RS: Sociological Analysis and Practice (Mason Core)3
SOCW 472RS: Integrative Methods in Social Action and Social Change (Mason Core)3
UNIV 491RS: Students as Scholars Individualized Scholarly Experience0-9
UNIV 495RS: Undergraduate Research Scholars Program Seminar0-3
UNIV 496RS: Undergraduate Research Scholars Program Continuation0
WMST 411RS: Feminist Research Practice3