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Eight credits of coursework must be unique to the minor. For policies governing all minors, see AP.5.3.4 Minors.

Students must complete all coursework with a minimum GPA of 2.00.

For policies governing all undergraduate programs, see AP.5 Undergraduate Policies.

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Minor Requirements

Total credits: 18-20

Students should refer to the Admissions & Policies tab for specific policies related to this program.

Core Courses

GGS 102Physical Geography (Mason Core)3-4
or GGS 121 Dynamic Atmosphere and Hydrosphere (Mason Core)
GGS 101Major World Regions (Mason Core)3
or GGS 103 Human Geography (Mason Core)
Total Credits6-7

Systematic and Regional Requirement

Select one course in systematic geography and one course in regional geography:6
Systematic Geography:
Political Geography
Global Environmental Hazards
Geography of Resource Conservation (Mason Core)
Population Geography (Mason Core)
Economic Geography
Urban Geography
Sustainable Development
Meteorology and Climate
Physical Climatology
Severe and Extreme Weather
Air Pollution
Issues in Global Change
Structures in Urban Governance and Planning
Selected Topics in Global Change
Select Topics in GGS
Environmental Impact Assessment
Introduction to Atmospheric Radiation
Regional Geography:
Geography of the United States
Geography of Latin America
Geography of Europe
Geography of North Africa and the Middle East
Geography of the Soviet Succession States
Issues in Regional Geography
Geography of Virginia
Total Credits6

Upper-level Electives

Students must take two upper-level GGS electives chosen in consultation with the minor coordinator6-7
Total Credits6-7