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The Geography, BS is designed to offer students the opportunity to study the integrated social and environmental processes that continuously shape and reshape the world we live in. This major provides students with broad training across the core subdisciplines of geography (human, physical, and GIScience), emphasizing application and technique-driven coursework, in addition to a rigorous science and mathematics curriculum. Students will find numerous opportunities for employment in both the private and public sectors, as well as in academia, as geographers are well suited to address important local, regional, and global challenges in today's world, given their interdisciplinary approach and uniquely spatial perspective.

The Department of Geography and Geoinformation Science fosters a supportive, active learning environment in which students are encouraged to work closely with both faculty and peers. The curriculum in this major provides students with the analytical, technical, and practical training that prepares them to be successful in an ever-evolving job market. For students who wish to pursue their interest in geography via a more flexible degree program, the department also offers a Geography, BA.


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Students must fulfill all Requirements for Bachelor's Degrees including the Mason Core.

GGS 415 Seminar in Geography fulfills the writing intensive requirement.

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Degree Requirements

Total credits: minimum 120

Students should refer to the Admissions & Policies tab for specific policies related to this program.


Candidates for the Geography, BS degree must complete the following Core, Breadth and Experience, and Geography Elective courses with a minimum GPA of 2.00:

Core Courses

GGS 102Physical Geography (Mason Core)3-4
or GGS 121 Dynamic Atmosphere and Hydrosphere (Mason Core)
GGS 103Human Geography (Mason Core)3
GGS 110Introduction to Geoinformation Technologies3
GGS 300Quantitative Methods for Geographical Analysis3
GGS 310Introduction to Digital Cartography4
GGS 311Introduction to Geographic Information Systems3
GGS 415Seminar in Geography 13
Total Credits22-23

Fulfills the writing intensive requirement.

Breadth and Experience Courses 

Advanced Technique Courses
GGS 412Air Photography Interpretation3
Select three from the following:9
Field Mapping Techniques
Data Analysis and Global Change Detection Techniques
Introduction to Hyperspectral Imaging
Advanced Digital Cartography
Satellite Image Analysis
Applied Geographic Information Systems
Special Topics in Geographic Techniques
Systematic Courses
Select one from the following:3
Political Geography
Global Environmental Hazards
Geography of Resource Conservation (Mason Core)
Population Geography (Mason Core)
Economic Geography
Urban Geography
Sustainable Development
Meteorology and Climate
Physical Climatology
Severe and Extreme Weather
Air Pollution
Issues in Global Change
Structures in Urban Governance and Planning
Selected Topics in Global Change
Select Topics in GGS
Regional Courses
Select one from the following:3
Geography of the United States
Geography of Latin America
Geography of Europe
Geography of North Africa and the Middle East
Geography of the Soviet Succession States
Issues in Regional Geography
Geography of Virginia
Total Credits18

Geography Electives

Select 3 credits of undergraduate-level GGS courses3
Select 6 credits of 300 or 400-level GGS courses6
Total Credits9

Outside Requirements

MATH 113Analytic Geometry and Calculus I (Mason Core)4
MATH 114Analytic Geometry and Calculus II3-4
or IT 207 Applied IT Programming
or STAT 250 Introductory Statistics I (Mason Core)
CS 112Introduction to Computer Programming (Mason Core)4
Total Credits11-12

Mason Core and Elective Credits

In order to meet a minimum of 120 credits, this degree requires an additional 58-60 credits, which may be applied toward any remaining Mason Core requirements, Requirements for Bachelor's Degrees, and elective courses. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with their advisors to ensure that they fulfill all requirements.

Mason Core

Note: Some Mason Core requirements may already be fulfilled by the major requirements listed above. Students are strongly encouraged to consult their advisors to ensure they fulfill all remaining Mason Core requirements.

Foundation Requirements
Written Communication6
Oral Communication3
Quantitative Reasoning3
Information Technology3-7
Core Requirements
Global Understanding3
Natural Science7
Social and Behavioral Sciences3
Western Civilization/World History3
Synthesis/Capstone Requirement 1
Total Credits40

minimum 3 credits