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The minor is designed primarily for students who desire to augment the knowledge gained through their major-related courses with a foundation of information technology (IT) topics and their application within organizations to achieve organizational objectives. Completing this minor provides students with the necessary skills to improve their attractiveness to employers in our technology-driven society. The minor requires a minimum of 18 credits, including 12 credits of core courses. Beyond these requirements, students must select two additional technical focus courses (6 credits). Students pursuing the IT minor should consult with an advisor to select their additional courses.

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Minor Requirements

Total credits: 18

Core Courses

IT 102Discrete Structures3
or MATH 125 Discrete Mathematics I (Mason Core)
IT 104Introduction to Computing (Mason Core)3
IT 105IT Architecture Fundamentals3
IT 106Introduction to IT Problem Solving Using Computer Programming3
Total Credits12

Technical Focus Courses

Select 6 credits from Technical Focus Courses (at least 3 upper division credits)6
Total Credits6

Students must satisfy all prerequisites and other requirements in order to take any of the courses listed below. Courses chosen for the technical focus must be chosen with a coordinator in the Information Sciences and Technology department. Not all courses are offered each semester.

IT 206Object Oriented Techniques for IT Problem Solving3
IT 207Applied IT Programming3
IT 213Multimedia and Web Design3
IT 214Database Fundamentals3
IT 223Information Security Fundamentals3
IT 300Modern Telecommunications3
IT 304IT in the Global Economy (Mason Core)3
IT 306Program Design and Data Structures3
IT 308Event-Driven Programming3
IT 314Database Programming3
IT 315Mobile Development3
IT 322Health Data Challenges3
IT 324Health Information Technology Fundamentals3
IT 328Health Information Emerging Technologies3
IT 331Web I: Web Development3
IT 332Web Server Administration3
IT 335Web Development using Content Management Systems3
IT 341Data Communications and Network Principles3
IT 344Information Storage and Management Technologies3
IT 353Information Defense Technologies3
IT 357Computer Crime, Forensics, and Auditing3
IT 366Network Security I3
IT 390Rapid Development of Scalable Applications3
IT 410Web Programming3
IT 413Digital Media Editing3
IT 414Database Administration3
IT 415Information Visualization3
IT 431Web II: Advanced Web Development3
IT 436Agile Web Development with Open Source Frameworks3
IT 441Network Servers and Infrastructures3
IT 445Advanced Networking Principles3
IT 455Wireless Communications and Networking3
IT 462Information Security Principles3
IT 465Peer-to-Peer Systems and Overlay Networks3
IT 466Network Security II3
IT 467Network Defense3
IT 484Voice Communications Technologies3
IT 488Fundamentals of Satellite Communications3