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This graduate certificate provides graduate students with the opportunity to reach a demonstrated level of competence in computer networks, system integration, and software testing. Coursework toward the graduate certificate may be used for credit toward the MS in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering degrees; however, the certificate's primary purpose is to provide a well-defined program for students who want to advance their knowledge of modern networks, systems integration and testing, but do not necessarily want to complete requirements for the MS degree. The certificate may be pursued concurrently with any of the graduate degree programs in the Volgenau School.

The graduate certificate may only be pursued on a part-time basis.


The networks, system integration, and testing certificate program is open to all students who hold BS degrees in scientific and engineering disciplines from accredited universities, with a GPA minimum established by The Volgenau School for all MS programs.


Program Requirements

The certificate is awarded on successful completion of five graduate courses (15 credits) from the list of required courses. A cumulative GPA of 3.00 is required, at most one course with a grade of C may be applied toward the certificate, and no more than one, 3-credit graduate course in the appropriate discipline may be transferred into the certificate from an appropriately accredited program at another institute of higher learning.

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Certificate Requirements

Total credits: 15


ECE 542Computer Network Architectures and Protocols3
ECE 673Discrete Event Systems3
ECE 674System Architecture Design3
ECE 675System Integration and Arch. Evaluation3
SWE 637Software Testing3
Total Credits15