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This 38-credit undergraduate certificate is available only to students pursuing a BA or BS in Mathematics. Students who complete both the BA or BS in Mathematics and this undergraduate certificate will be considered Virginia state-approved educator preparation program completers and will be eligible for recommendation for an initial VA teaching license in Secondary Education (6-12) Mathematics.

This certificate may be pursued on a part-time or full-time basis.


Students applying for this undergraduate certificate as a secondary program must have satisfied the following requirements:

  • a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00
  • passing scores on the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) prescribed entry assessment
  • an official College of Education and Human Development review of discipline-specific content competencies coursework
    (note: a minimum grade of C (2.00) must have been attained in such coursework completed at Mason).

See website for more information on the admissions process.

Prior to application for internship, students are required to complete all discipline-specific content competency requirements, pass licensure assessments, and have earned a grade of B (3.00) or better in all licensure coursework.

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Certificate Requirements

Total credits: 38

Discipline-Specific Content Competencies Mathematics Coursework

All other discipline-specific content competencies coursework should be satisfied with the core requirements of the BA or BS in Mathematics, with the exception of Discrete Math for the BS degree.

Abstract Algebra
MATH 321Abstract Algebra3
MATH 315Advanced Calculus I3
or MATH 316 Advanced Calculus II
Discrete Mathematics
MATH 125Discrete Mathematics I (Mason Core)3
or MATH 325 Discrete Mathematics II
Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry
MATH 302Foundations of Geometry3
Probability or Statistics
Select one from the following:3
Advanced Mathematical Statistics
Introductory Statistics I (Mason Core)
Introductory Statistics II
Total Credits15

Teacher Licensure Coursework

EDCI 372Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary School3
EDCI 472Advanced Methods for Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary School3
EDCI 490Student Teaching in Education (Mason Core)6
EDCI 491Internship Seminar in Secondary Training2
EDRD 419Literacy in the Content Areas3
EDUC 372Human Development, Learning, and Teaching (Mason Core)3
EDUC 422Foundations of Secondary Education3
Total Credits23